Chapter Eleven: Sapphire

Giggles ducked out of the way as the
car behind her exploded. “Demon this is enough! You're going to
get innocent people killed!”
Demon stood atop a large truck, his ten
foot-men throwing petrol-bombs at the seven heroes.
“Innocent people are being killed
every day due to the negligence of our governments and law
enforcement. Any victims today are a small sacrifice to pay for the
greater good.” Demon said, watching as the carnage unfolded.
“EEK!” Sir Hyper cried as he
grabbed an elderly senator out of the way of a petrol-bomb. “Watch
out sir!”
Sir Lionheart looked at his watch. A
text message from Lady Silent had appeared.
“Police are still twenty minutes
“TWENTY MINUTES?!” Sir Lionheart
cried. “How are we supposed to even SURVIVE twenty minutes, let
alone keep the damage to a YIKES!” He rolled out of the way of
another explosion.
The news didn't help Sir Dark either,
who was trying to keep Lady Luck safe while she bandaged up another
female senator who'd been injured.
“Lady Luck, we don't have time for
this, we have to move!” Sir Dark growled at her, trying to keep one
of the henchmen at bay. The man laughed at him.
“Just a little boy trying to do a
mans work!” He taunted. Irate, Sir Dark smacked him across the
cheekbone with his metal pole.
“Okay, I'm done. She can't walk
though!” Lady Luck told Sir Dark as one of the other henchmen came
to the aid of his comrade.
“I can't keep fighting them off!”
Sir Dark protested.
Meanwhile, Lady Courage was in a bit of
hurt herself. Now sporting a pair of purple daggers painted onto her
armour, she had just sustained a nasty burn to her hand.
“We have to go to her!” Sir Dark
pointed out.
“But if we leave Senator Lucy out
here on her own, she's done for!” Lady Luck protested. Lady
Courage was still holding her own against the henchman who had gotten
her, but her hand was making it hard.
“There's too many of them!” Groaned
Chuckles, swinging wildly with the Lions Claw Blade.
“And I'm running out of ammo too!”
Giggles shot another petrol-bomb in the sky, exploding it

“We need to get to Demon. We get
him, this ends. I'm going to try and get him.” Chuckles said as
Giggles landed behind him.
“Like hell you are. You even look
like you're thinking of taking him down and suddenly you've got
henchmen to deal with.” Giggles pointed out.
“SOMEONE has to take him out.”
Chuckles protested.
Demon chuckled at this little exchange
between the heroes. They were stuffed.
Suddenly there was a loud clattering
behind him. He spun around just in time to dodge a blue ninja
wearing a blade along each arm.
“Oh no…Grandpa!” Chuckles groaned
while Giggles proceeded to chuck a temper tantrum. “Stupid, stupid,
“Who are you? You're not a Knight.”
Demon glared at the blue ninja.
“My name is Sapphire.” The ninja
lifted his arm, pointing one of the blades at Demons throat. “And
now you die.”
Demon gulped as Sapphire struck.
Fortunately for him a Giggles bullet landed at the feet of the ninja,
sending him jumping back.
“What is your problem Giggles?!”
Sapphire roared furiously.
“WE. DO. NOT. KILL.” Giggles
growled. Three of the henchmen had come to Demons aid, allowing
Chuckles and the Knights to get the upper hand against those who were
Sapphire knocked two of the henchmen
away, going for Demon. Giggles took on the last one, finally
subduing him with some rope.
Demon, who had composed himself, fought
against Sapphire. He was barely holding his own.
“Chuckles, who is that?!” Sir Hyper
asked quietly after the rest of the henchmen had been taken care of.
“My grand-father. Those are his Arm
Scythes.” Chuckles sighed in frustration. He ran over and climbed
up the side of the truck to help Sapphire.
“This is too easy, you're pathetic
Demon.” Sapphire gloated. “The only reason you're still alive is
because the others are too weak to end your pathetic life.”
He stood over Demon, who had fallen and
was now at the mercy of Sapphire again. Sapphire again aimed one of
the Scythes at Demon. Suddenly pain ripped through his hips and
lower back.
“Argh! Not now!” Sapphire groaned
as his legs locked up. Damn his hip complaints!
Demon saw his chance. He grabbed his
boomerang and was about to attack, when the Lions Claw Blade appeared
in front of him. One look at Chuckles and Demon slipped off the roof
of the truck, knowing he stood no chance against the combined might
of Chuckles and Giggles.
His henchmen had slowly made their way
back to the truck, and now the group made their escape. Chuckles
quickly leapt off the moving truck, while Giggles saved Sapphire from
a certain fall.
“See you guys back at HQ!” Giggles
placed Sapphire down on the ground, before heading off.
“Ugh.” Sir Dark groaned, pulling
his sore body off the ground where he'd been resting.
The group scattered and made their way
back to the tip.
Just then, the police arrived. Timing.
Sapphire groaned. His hips were still
sore, but at least he could move. He'd finally gotten to the tip,
now it was just a matter of finding the headquarters of the Knights
of the Last Order.
Meanwhile, the others had hurried back
and heard the story of what had happened at the barbecue earlier that
“So your grand-father thinks he can
help us?” Sunny asked.
“Yeah, but as you saw, he doesn't
really conform to our ethos.” Belle pointed out.
“Plus his age. If you hadn't stepped
in when you did Charlie, Demon would have killed him.” Daniel
pointed out.
“The whole situation stinks.” TJ
folded his arms. “I don't envy you one bit Charlie.”
“I don't envy me either.” Charlie
sighed. Tammy put an arm around his shoulders.
“I wish there was some way we could
convince him to stand down, but I doubt he'd listen to us.” Petunia
finished tending to Sammys burnt cheek.
Charlie perked up.
“Hey, maybe we could-,”
“ONE use of the Improbability Clause
per day is enough for me thanks.” Belle said dryly. Charlie
“So, what are we going to do?”
Sammy piped up.
“What are we going to do about what?”
Another voice popped up.
“ARGH!” The eight friends squealed
in fright.
“Oh, Grandpa, it's just you.”
Charlie was the first to recover. Sapphire removed his headgear to
reveal Charles Howzat.
“What on earth were you thinking?!”
Belle fumed.
“I was just going to finish what YOU
started.” Charles scowled at the young lady. “And I suggest you
be more respectful towards your elders.”
“Grandpa…” Charlie trailed off.
“You could have been killed.”
“Not the first time.” Charles
grinned at his grand-son. Daniel frowned.
“If you're going to work with us,
then you need to subscribe to our ethics. You were going to murder
Demon.” He said.
“Yes. I was going to end his little
reign of terror and make sure no one else got hurt.” Charles eyed
off the younger man.
“We can't have that.” Daniel
“You're the leader of the Knights
aren't you? Sir Lionheart?” Charles asked.
“Yes.” Daniel looked warily at the
old man.
“And you call yourself a leader?”
Charles frowned. “I have half a mind to take the leadership of the
Knights myself.”
“We'd never follow you!” Sunny leapt
to Daniels defence.
“Not ever! Dan is our hero!” Sammy
jumped up angrily.
“Dan is the best leader we've got.
He's always looked out for us!” TJ was angry too.
“You'd throw your weight behind an
inexperienced leader instead of being smart and following me?”
Charles looked disappointed. “I was hoping you guys were
“You are SERIOUSLY deluded!” Belle
yelped. “We've been doing fine without you! You're old, slow, and
breaking down, you're ideas are so out of touch it's not funny!”
“How DARE you!” Charles rounded on
Belle, who was fuming. “Insolent little brat! I'll teach you to
speak to your elders that way!”
Charles lunged at Belle, who easily
side-stepped. He attacked again, and Belle side-stepped again. This
happened four or five times until Belle finally took to the sky.
“You pathetic little coward.”
Charles shook his head. “You children have no idea. You're
letting these people get away with horrendous crimes, and they'll
keep getting away with it.”
“Last time I checked, both Marion and
Revolver were arrested. Both are currently in gaol. If they break
the law again, they'll get arrested again. They'll learn.” Belle
said, arms folded.
Charlie sat silently.
“Grandpa, you nearly got yourself
killed. If I hadn't stepped in when I did, Demon would have killed
you.” He said quietly.
“Only because your 'best friend'
stopped me from killing him in the first place!” Charles rounded
on his grand-son.
“There is a process for punishing
wrongdoers, and that process needs to be followed! We're simply here
to stop them from hurting others!” Belle yelled furiously.
yelled back.
FIXED!” Belle retorted.
Tammy looked at the pair, before
noticing two men walking towards them. She waved.
“Oh dear.” Thomas looked at the
scene he'd just walked into.
“Charles, Belle, what's going on?”
Joe asked.
“None of your business Joey.”
Charles scowled.
“I'll tell you on the way home.”
Belle landed beside her grand-father.
“Okay then little one.” Joe put a
hand on her head. “Get changed then let's get home, it's going to
rain soon.”
“Yes Pa.” Belle skipped off to the
hideout to get into her civilian attire. Charles glared after her.
“Back off Charles.” Joe warned.
“Leave my grand-daughter alone.”
“If she gets in my way, she'll get
what's coming to her.” Charles replied, before walking off angrily.
“Grandpa!” Charlie tried to run
after him, but was stopped by his fathers hand on his shoulder.
“Leave him be son.” Thomas said
softly. “You can't help him now.”

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