the long and winding road

That leads to Brunch!!!

HR and I are doing the whole losing weight, learning to eat better thing and one day a week, usually the weekend we go a little nuts.  Generally starts Friday night and finishes Saturday after dinner-ish.

Friday night's are a trip to Grill'd (see previous blogs). Last week we shared the 'Front Bar'; a steak sandwich with egg, mesculin, tomato, Spanish Onion, Dijon mustard, beetroot relish and herbed mayo and of course the Chips Share Plate. Safe to say a total success as a meal!! I think that a second success has seen this place become a firm favourite and a definite part of the 'routine'.

The 'routine' is something HR and I are setting up to help establish a stable home life for us both. You may recall that for eighteen months HR and I were living in different states. When you add to that the fact that I have started a new job after seven years in the last one, moved after eighteen years in one place, and the car accident at the beginning of the year, I am one unsettled person!

Anyway, I digress, last Saturday HR and I took a drive to a lovely little town name of Gundaroo. A rustic little eatery called 'The Cork Street Cafe' served a particularly delicious repast for HR and I. HR chose the Eggs Benedict with Bacon and I had, wait for it, I had Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Bacon and Fried Eggs. OMG talk about deliciousness! Totally worth the drive out there I can tell you.
Then there is the Gundaroo Heritage Walk a meander through the historical high spots of the town.
One could do a lot worse than head to Gundaroo for a feed and a walk!

This Friday we again trekked off to Grill'd where we tried a Beef Burger with our usual accompaniment of Chips. We ordered the 'Almighty' .  'Grilled grass fed lean beef , tasty cheese, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, couple of slices of beetroot with salad, relish and herbed mayo' and we added some avocado. What a HUGE burger!! We cut the burger and I had to eat my share with a knife and fork. Seriously there was no way I was going to get a bite of that baby!! Needless to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable meal and we waddled out of there! We have dibs on a chicken burger next week.

This morning we trundled off to Yass to have a bit of a looksee. We wandered the high street and back streets, there are some beautiful old houses out that way. We decided to have a very late breakfast/early lunch at a lovely establishment named 'The Roses Cafe' where we ordered Eggs Benedict with Bacon, a cappuccino for HR and a pot of Green Tea for me. Next time we go there we will partake of the other delights they had there. Quiche's, savoury muffins, pies, wraps, all manner of delightful baked goods as well as traditional burgers and breakfast foods. A veritable cornucopia of culinary concoctions!!
HR did mention that he preferred the Cork Street Cafe Hollandaise to that of The Roses Cafe. Apparently he found The Roses Cafe Hollandaise a little 'claggy'. However the bacon was cooked just right at The Roses Cafe.
One could be forgiven for thinking we are on a crusade to find the perfect Eggs Benedict, at least HR may be.
Anyway we are scoping next weeks destination As I type so I'll update you when I know!

Oh yeah HR has lost nearly ten kilos, me not so much only four, mebbe if I got off my fat arse I might lose a bit more………….

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