So This Is Christmas

Given that HR was working Christmas day and beyond, and The Mini Brat was in Germany, I decided to spend Christmas with HR where he lives.
Using my frequent flyer points I booked and boarded a plane.
The main dilemma here was always going to be what to create for Christmas Lunch. I had several ideas and after wasting my time and energy asking HR what he would like (whatever  you thinks best Dear is his stock standard answer, man refuses to make a decision) I decided that a Watermelon and Prawn Salad, Morton Bay Bugs in Dijon Sauce, Ham, Cheeses and sundry salads would be an appropriate repast (ever notice how difficult it is to cut down the amount of food you prepare when the kids are gone?).
Left over prawns would be made into garlic prawns and one must always have too much ham for the obligatory ham and eggs on Boxing Day.
I warned HR that we would go shopping for comestibles as soon as he picked me up from the airport and he dutifully chauffeured me to the appropriate stores. Thank fully we were unable to get the Bugs.
We lumbered up the stairs to HR's apartment laden with groceries and suitcases (I DO travel light… sometimes) and while I put stuff away HR made the cuppas (what else are men good for? nuffin!!!).

Christmas Eve was a busy day. We toddled off to the Crematorium, taking some lovely pink Carnations to lay on my Father's resting spot. It's always calming sitting beside the Golden Carp infested water ways and communing with Dad ( most of my comms with Dad are had at a hectic pace whilst driving long distances to get to sporting events). Then we went to my Brother's place, talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous!

The best that can be said about my Brother is that he is eccentric. I always say to HR that we're only staying an hour and then whoooshka three hours later……he can be an interesting bloke and this time we had some robust discussions on politics and religion, go figure.

After a nice dinner, and bemoaning the fact there was no Big Bash Cricket on, we watched some NCIS and retired. HR had to start work at 0600 Christmas Day.
Barely an hour had passed when the stomach cramps started. The pain was akin to the contractions one has when giving birth. Not long after that the inevitable nausea and diarrhoea started and there went the whole Christmas ball game.
I managed not to disturb HR and wandered aimlessly about the lounge room (with quick dashes to the loo every 20 minutes or so). Suffice to say I was a very sore and sorry camper!!! I did not have any medication with me whatsoever.
HR went to work and I suffered the rest of the day BUT we managed to find a Chemist open and HR secured the magic concoctions to save me!

Needless to say there was no Christmas dinner for anyone, I think HR had toast. There was no way I was preparing any food at all until I was totally cured!!! Boxing Day was spent finsing the fixings for some very bland home made fried rice.

Ah well……..

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