Professional my hairy, fat, cellulite ridden, A*se

I'm a nice person
I don't bag people out.
I accept that certain things are just the way they are and naff all I can do about it. BUT…..
When a company uses the word PROFESSIONAL in their name you expect them to behave professionally right?
Picture it… the family home empty, all the little mong, er, children have flown the coop, HR is transferred interstate, and I don't need this much space.
Let's sell up we say
So we put the house on the market. Agents say the market is slow. I get a second agent on board from the so called PROFESSIONAL team. The agent does the best they can and all goes on as  you'd expect until four weeks ago.
Four weeks ago HR gets a call from these so called professional types. Your agent no longer works for us, pay this bill and then you're off the books. Just like that. We don't want houses in your suburb anymore we were told.
I sent the agent a text asking what was going on…no response whatsoever.
Two weeks later I get the bill. No Cover letter apologising for what has happened, just a final bill.
Right then, I send an email telling them to get our house of all their advertising, the bill will be paid such a date and by the way you have a set of keys please return them.
A week later they send the keys, in a normal envelope, unsecured, no registered mail, through the post, delivered into the mail box for anyone to take and use to open the House and rob us!!!!!
Again no cover letter not even a single attempt to disguise the keys.

Obviously customer relations are not a high in priority at this real estate company.
I certainly will NOT recommend them to anyone EVER!

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