I Don't Like Cricket…

All I wanted to do was go to the cricket….

Every year for the past 4 years I buy the Normal Autistic Girl  and myself a membership to the Brisbane Heat, Big Bash League. Twenty/20 cricket is fast entertaining and a hell of a lot of fun. The BBL05 crowds are a testament to its popularity, seriously 80,000+ people at a domestic T/20 match anyone????

Anyway, late 2015 the Normal Autistic One decided she needed her car (Tenny) back ( I have been driving her car for the best part of eleven months) and I thought to myself 'well then I need a car don't I?' I have cricket to attend and such. So I checked the for sale boards at work and lo and behold there's an Audi A4 for sale. I speak with the seller and pennies are exchanged and I think well this worked out ok…or did it?
I drive the Audi and the Mini Brat drives Tenny ( taking her back to the Normal autistic Girl) and off we go to Brisbane. Lovely drive down there, the Audi is a comfortable car and I enjoyed the trip, until we decided to come home. I have never experienced anything like it. The car refused to speed up and bucked like a bronco if you asked it too. I persevered and drove carefully and then we went to climb The Range. OMG how bloody mortifying was that? five times the Audi lost power enough to stall and five times we put the hazard lights on, pulled over and started her up again.Then driving through town, what a bloody nightmare, stalling across traffic intersections and I prefer NOT to remember the dozen or so times it stalled the rest of the way home. Needless to say I was not impressed!!
Now whilst this drama is unfolding, I ring HR and he rings an Audi dealer who mumbles something about 'Limp Mode'. Apparently it is a safety thing Audi's have. I take the car to the mechanic the next day and so begins the steady drain on my bank account two weeks before Christmas.
The Normal Autistic Girl drives 2.5 hours to come and get me so I can go to the first Heat T/20. I keep Tenny because I have to drive to Brisbane to fly out to HR's for Christmas. Just as well I did.
$900.00 odd dollars later and the mechanic says the Audi is fixed and serviced. I thought then when HR is in town I'll test the car until then I'll just drive Tenny.
Got back from HR's and took the Audi for a quick run down the hill and back, glad I  did. Beautiful run down and up but then after a quick Macca's run it started with the loss of power and stalling.
'Well isn't this nice?' (thanks Alanis) I thought to myself. There's cricket on on Sunday ad HR will have gone back to his place how the heck will I get to the cricket?
We went into Kia before HR left, hopefully I will be driving a new Cerato around by Tuesday.
That doesn't solve Sunday's cricket dilemma does it?????
I'll hire a car then…yeah good idea that.
Well stone the bloody crows that was probably the worst idea EVER!
Apparently if you use a debit card they will place three thousand dollars on a bond against you having a crash BUT if you pay thirty three dollars that can be reduced to three hundred and thirty dollars which they will still put on hold. Oh and it will take from three to twelve WORKING days for the hold to be lifted. So essentially unless you have three thousand dollars hanging about doing naff all….you won't be hiring a car will you?
FECKING HECK do you want the heart of my first born as well?
And don't forget, should you have a speeding or parking fine, or a toll etc a forty five dollar admin fee will apply.
Oh yeah and I forgot to take my Jasmine tea with me.
So here I am sitting in my favourite hotel resting until the cricket starts.
EDIT: WE bloody WON!!!! Chris Lynn is a fecking LEGEND! #Lynnsanity.
Oh yeah…. I bought a Kia Cerato Si sedan I should have it by Wednesday!!!!!

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