Chapter Twenty-one: Johannas and Demon

Once the water was down, the funeral was held. Joe spent most of it shaking. A brother and a daughter. Both gone within a year.

Peter was feeling empty. Impotent. Jessie had always been his responsibility, and now she was dead.
Bill had lost his little sidekick. The pair had been inseparable as children, and he'd never fully forgiven her for abandoning the Code. Now he was prepared to forgive anything.
Belle didn't know how to feel. She knew this was her aunt whom her family had loved, but she had never known her. She knew she had to get Johannas though. She had to stop him from hurting anyone else.
The Code, no, her Code, demanded it.
Oh come on. Like you DIDN'T expect the Death Valley Mob to start looting the moment the water went down.
You know, I do like floods. Makes it so much easier to escape gaol for one thing.” Master Revolver walked along the street with a sack of stolen goods. Even though most of the city had been completely submerged, there was still a fair bit of stuff that hadn't been hurt.
And you do get such nice things for a very reasonable price.” Mobster Marion inspected her new diamond ring, courtesy of her boyfriend.
The pair strutted happily along the road, enjoying the screams of terror and the looting being done by their underlings around them.
I'm SO glad my family built on the east side. My mansion is fine, I get new things, the city is ours for the taking…oh isn't life wonderful?!” Mobster Marion went into a rapture, making Master Revolver laugh.
As long as my girl is happy, then so am I.” He took her hands and swung her around into his arms.
You lying hound.” Mobster Marion batted her eye lashes at him. “Only stealing and hurting others makes you happy.”
Oh you know me too well.”
You two are disgusting.”
Oh poo. What do YOU want Demon?” Mobster Marion glared at the villainous swine.
Me? I just want to be thanked for my efforts. It was my hard work that triggered this flood in the first place.” Demon smirked.
Yes, we heard about the poison plan.” Master Revolver narrowed his eyes. “What WAS in that bottle?”
Blue food colouring.” Demon laughed.
And you MEANT to cause a widespread flood?” Mobster Marion raised an eyebrow. Demon hesitated. “I thought so. You just got lucky.” Mobster Marion laughed.
The fact is that without me, you two wouldn't be enjoying yourselves nearly half as much!” Demon fired.
Because I've never escaped from gaol without your help before.” Master Revolver rolled his eyes.
Whatever. I see you're not going to show any gratitude.” Demon turned away, angry.
Bye bye Demon!” Mobster Marion waved as Demon stalked off. Both she and Master Revolver roared with laughter at themselves.
Demon headed down a nearby alleyway, furious. How DARE they mock him?! Hadn't he proven a match for Chuckles and Giggles, not to mention the Knights of the Last Order? Hadn't he destroyed Sapphire?
He was stewing furiously until he came across a sad, pathetic individual slouched against the wall, sobbing loudly.
What's wrong with YOU?” Demon looked down his nose at the man.
I killed my girlfriend. I killed my baby.” The man sobbed.
Oh. That IS a shame.” Demon sat down next the forlorn creature.
I lost all my dope too.” The man sniffled.
Demon smirked inwardly. This guy could be a good lackey if given the drugs he wanted.
You haven't had the best time have you?” Demon put an arm around the man. “What's your name?”
Johannas.” Was the sullen reply.
Well Johannas, how would you like to come with me? We can get you something to eat, a nice hot shower, and all the drugs you can ask for.” Demon grinned.
You mean it?” Johanna asked, perking up.
Of course.” Demon helped the man to his feet. “As long as you promise to help me, you can have whatever you like.”
Oh THANK YOU!” Johannas hugged him tightly. Demon patted his back gently.
Now lets get out of this cold alleyway hey?” Demon helped Johannas to walk.
Meanwhile, the Death Valley Mobsters were having their party crashed.
Hi hi Marion! Hi hi Revolver! You guys been shopping?” Giggles flew around the heads of the two Mobsters.
None of your business you runt!” Master Revolver tried to swat her away.
Be nice to my best friend!”
Master Revolver suddenly found himself on the wrong end of the Lions Claw Blade – and Chuckles!
Watch where you're pointing that thing amateur!” Mobster Marion growled, pulling out her own blade.
Meanwhile, two of their unfortunate lackeys had come face-to-face with Sir Dark and Lady Courage. Sir Hyper was happily taunting a third who had dropped a rather expensive television set, and the rest were being sorted out by the other Knights.
Do you ALWAYS have to bring your little posse with you?!” Master Revolver glared at the Knights.
Only when you do.” Replied Giggles.
Demon quickly poked his head out of the alley way and saw the confrontation. Johannas suddenly yelped.
It's her! She's the one who made me kill my girlfriend!” Johannas cried. Demon raised an eyebrow. Who was this guy kidding? Giggles seemed like the type who would never condone murder.
I want to kill her too. I want her to pay for what she did.” Johannas growled. Demon grinned.
Well then, why don't you go and get her?” Demon suggested casually. “Climb up this stairwell here to get to the roof, and get her from there!”
Johannas grinned and started climbing. He got to the top and leapt at Giggles.
Oh – NO!” Giggles soared upward trying to shake her attacker off. She threw him back on the roof and landed near him, when she noticed who it was.
Johannas. The man who had murdered her aunt and unborn cousin.
Get her Johannas!” Demon called from below. Giggles grimaced.
I thought Demon was all about righting the wrongs of society through force, but now I see he's only after power. Why else would he associate with a murderer?” She glared at Johannas, ready to take him down.
Johannas flew at Giggles in a rage. Giggles went for the Lucky Seven Gun.
A Masters will never willingly take the life of another.
She froze. Johannas began raining down blows on her. She couldn't fight back, her mind had locked up and her body wouldn't move.
You're a pathetic piece of rubbish and I'm going to make you pay for everything you've done!” Johannas roared. Giggles felt like she was being ripped apart. He threw her to the ground and sneered at her.
Unfortunately for him, he didn't get the chance to finish her. As he was going to stomp her, he too found himself at the wrong end of the Lions Claw Blade.
Leave my best friend alone.” Chuckles said evenly, but Giggles could hear him seething. Johannas realised he was no match for the swords man, and quickly made his way back to Demons side.
Giggles got up slowly. She noticed that Mobster Marion and Master Revolver had made a getaway.
They're long gone. But they'll be back.” Chuckles answered her mute question. “And so will he.”
Giggles folded her arms across her legs and sighed. “I'm sorry.” She whispered.
Chuckles knelt down next to her.
You have nothing to be sorry for buddy. I probably would be the same way with Demon.” He said, gripping her hand. He thought of his grand-father. “You can't beat yourself up. It's too soon after the trauma for you to be able to face him.”
I wanted to kill him. But I kept thinking of the Code. What's wrong with me?!” Giggles balled up her hands into fists.
Wasn't the Masters Code originally created to help curb the violent tendencies of the Masters clan?” Chuckles asked. “You're just feeling the echos of some leftover genetics.”
Leftover genetics.” Giggles sighed. “Brilliant.”
She couldn't escape the feelings no matter how hard she tried.
Come on, let's head back. You can fly me some of the way.” Chuckles helped her up. He hugged her tightly.
I won't let you break the Code. I promise you. Just like you wouldn't let me.”
I know.”
They held each other for a long time, both thinking of the ones they'd lost.
Life wasn't fair.

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