Chapter Thirty-Seven: Jelly and Ice-Cream

“That smug look on your face is really making me want to hit you.” Belle deadpanned as she sat under the tree next to Charlie, who was happily chowing down on barley sugar.

“Did I mention I got my sword back?” He grinned, popping another piece of barley sugar into his mouth.
“Only fifty times.” Belle groaned.
“Reckon you'll get the Lucky Seven back?”
“Charlie, I-,”
“BELLE! We're going out to see your Uncle Bill, can you take care of your brother and sister?” Peter called out from the front door.
“Sure Dad! I'll catch up with you later Chuckles.” Belle got up and headed back inside.
She was kind of glad to be away from Charlie. Sitting there with him had been like old times…only she wasn't the old Belle any more.
“Hey Belle-Belle, can I have some ice cream?” Oscar asked innocently as Belle sat down. Madeleine squealed.
“I ceem! I ceem!” She yelled.
“What did Mum and Dad say?” Belle asked.
Oscar looked downcast. “Not until after tea.” He mumbled.
“Are Mum and Dad here?”
“No…” Oscar started to grin.
Soon, the three were tucking into the container of ice cream.
“Belle, aren't Mum and Dad going to notice the ice cream is gone?” Oscar asked innocently as they finished it off.
Belle froze. The group quickly scrambled to the corner store to get a new container!
“Good thinking Ozzie.” Belle held the little boys hand as they walked down the street.
“My other Daddy says that I'm one smart cookie.” Oscar grinned.
“If you're a cookie does that mean I get to eat you up?” Belle chased him down the street and back up to the house. The pair quickly got inside and put the ice cream back in the freezer before putting Madeleine back in her chair and settling down to watch the television. It wasn't long before the three were singing along with the childrens shows.
“Keep filling up the bag and you'll increase your chances of survival by 30%.” Master Revolver grinned at the scared bank teller who was stuffing valuables as quickly as he could into the brown bag Master Revolver had handed him. “I'm in a foul, foul mood today thanks to-,”
“LEAVE THEM ALONE REVOLVER!” Sir Lionheart stood at the entrance of the bank with Chuckles, who was swinging the Lions Claw Blade around in his fingers.
“Just two of you today?” Master Revolver smirked. “What happened to the others? Wuss out?”
“None of your business.” Chuckles gripped the Lions Claw Blade in his hand. He looked at Master Revolver and noticed something. “Leave the Lucky Seven at home did you?”
Furious, Master Revolver grabbed his handgun and rushed at the pair, firing madly. The two heroes separated and hid, while Master Revolver stalked the room. He had his finger on the trigger of the gun, and Chuckles was beginning to worry. He really hadn't thought this through at all, he'd have to get up close if he wanted to attack, whereas Master Revolver could just shoot from any distance.
“What kind of numbskull takes a sword to a gunfight?” Chuckles groaned. He glanced out from behind the pillar he was behind. Master Revolver was still stalking the room, but it looked like the tellers and other innocents had managed to escape. He then looked across at Sir Lionheart.
“Escape?” Sir Lionheart mouthed.
Chuckles nodded furiously. They waited until Master Revolver was at the other end of the room and tried to make a break for it, but another gunshot rang out and they were forced to take cover again.
“Damn him!” Sir Lionheart hissed.
“Oh I am SO going to enjoy ending your lives.” Master Revolver stalked towards the pillar where the two heroes were hiding. “GAH!”
A small, sharp piece of metal embedded itself in Master Revolvers arm. A tall, lean figure dressed in a grey body suit with blades running along his arms and spine jumped down from the ceiling.
“Who IS that?!” Chuckles asked. The suit went up over the figures face and head, with goggles masking their eyes.
“ARGH! You!” Master Revolver ripped the blade out of his arm and threw it to the ground at the figures feet. The figure picked it up, shook the blood off and reattached it to the rest of the blades.
The sound of sirens started. Master Revolver scowled and stomped out of the building with his ill-gotten gains, while the three heroes bolted back towards the tip.
“Who ARE you?!” Chuckles turned to their new friend the moment they were well-hidden amongst the rubbish.
“Promise not to tell Maddy?” The figure asked.
“WEBSTER!” Chuckles cried. The figure unzipped the suit and pulled it away from his face to reveal Webster, who grinned.
“I thought you guys were still in Brisvegas?” Daniel asked, pulling off his Sir Lionheart armour.
“Maddy got a job here in Family Law, so we're in the process of moving. I saw you guys were down to one, so I thought I, Sir Hedgehog, could help.” Webster pointed to the small dark grey hedgehog figure on his chest.
“Maddy is going to eat you alive.” Charlie pointed out.
“Not really, I do night feeds with Tate.” Webster shrugged.
“Because that will totally save you.” Daniel rolled his eyes.
Charlie wrapped the Lions Claw Blade up in a clean length of cloth when he had a thought.
“Say Webster, you don't know how to use a gun do you?” He asked.
“Never touched one in my life. Why?” Webster replied, trying to peel off his suit.
Charlie told them about how he got the Lions Claw Blade back. Daniel frowned.
“There's someone else out there maybe?” He pondered. “Or maybe they're just screwing with us?”
“Who knows.” Charlie put the sword away.
“So how loud did Maddy yell?” Belle asked as she sat with Charlie in the strong new branches of the tree.
“I doubt he'll be able to have any more children.” Charlie laughed.
“Ah well. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission huh?” Belle grinned.
“BELLE! WHAT'S THIS I HEAR ABOUT A WHOLE TUB OF ICE CREAM BEFORE DINNER?!” The voice of Peter Masters roared throughout the street.
“How's that working for you?” Charlie roared with laughter, earning him a nice shove out of the tree.


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