Chapter Seventy-Seven: Lies and the Truth

“You were WRONG.”
Daryl smirked.
“Shut. Up.” Judith
Jofrey seethed.
They were sitting in
the Mayors office, where Demon Jones had called a meeting.
“Both of you,
enough.” Demon growled.
“C'mon Dad. Let me
just have this.” Daryl grinned. “I mean, unless that baby brat
Masters has grown into a teenager in the past twelve months, there's
no way Belle Masters could be Giggles, because she doesn't have a
sister old enough to fight!”
“Get OVER it!”
Judith hissed.
“ENOUGH!” Demon
raised his voice. “Now, if you don't stop Daryl, I will have you
Daryl settled back into
his seat, satisfied.
“Now, we have a
problem. Mark is dead, thanks to Master Revolver. Roger has vanished
for the time being, which is annoying because I had plans with the
March Hill Crusaders.” Demon glared at Judith.
“You were going to
betray the Mobsters of Misneach.” She said evenly.
“They're idiots who
have only kept their power by the sheer virtue that no one else could
be bothered.” Demon muttered.
“They're the reason
you got in as Mayor, remember?” Judith replied.
Demon bristled.
“I don't think we
have anything further to discuss. Good day, Arnold.” Judith got up
and left.
“Is this going to be
another chapter of exposition?” Charlie groaned as Belle jotted
down some notes.
“I'm just going say
this is totally the fault of the Mob. The last time we had so many
crime syndicates in Pleasantville was when the March Hill Crusaders
ran the Mayors office. Now the Mob are in with Demon, it's history
repeating.” Belle collated her notes, neatened them up, and put
them in a folder. “Now, we need to deal with the fact that it's
exposition.” Charlie sighed as he climbed in through Belles bedroom
window and followed her downstairs for lunch.
“So I heard that
Demon is REALLY pissed at Master Revolver, and they had a huge blow
up after Mark died.” Tammy was telling them what her snooping had
discovered. “They haven't spoken since.”
“Maybe murdering Mark
wasn't such a good idea for the Mob after all.” Peter mused. “It's
just driven a further wedge between them and City Hall.”
“Which leaves the
door wide open for the Haunted Maze Troupe, or anyone else to come
in.” Belle sat down.
“No Belle.” Charlie
shushed her.
“I just sat down!”
Belle looked insulted.
“You had your lecture
face on. We don't need random facts about Pleasantville history.”
Charlie told her.
“Sounds like
someone's being attacked outside!” Next door, Patrick began to
“Calm down. Charlie
just insulted Belle and is paying for it is all.” Sunny rolled her
eyes, and went back to reading Melody her book.
“I don't think the
Troupe want power though. They just want to sell their drugs.”
Tammy said as Belle tore after Charlie.
“It makes things
interesting though. Demon can't act until he has another legitimate
name to throw his weight behind.” Peter mused. “Will you two sit
down and eat?”
Belle and Charlie sat
down, Belle pouting and Charlie grinning.
“Of course, we never
exactly know WHO is getting themselves ready underground.” Peter
Demon Jones sat at his
desk typing up a letter to some rich snob or other that he needed to
appease. Keeping all his connections happy was a difficult task,
especially when those connections had needs that could only be
serviced by drawing the ire of Chuckles and Giggles.
Those two pests and
their friends the Noble Knights of the Last Order were making life
extremely difficult. Especially when they had the backing of that
goody-two-shoes Peter Masters. The criminal element, while still
quite profitable, was running into huge problems because of them.
Demon sighed and
finished off the letter. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and
his son entered.
“What now?” Demon
glared at Daryl.
“Well, my sister is
finally getting married.” Daryl sat down. “Interestingly enough,
to someone you might know.”
“I really don't care
about that little trollop. She chose not to be a part of this
family.” Demon grumbled.
“Also, we're going to
have a visit from some government officials. They're going to do a
full investigation.” Daryl added.
“WHAT?!” Demon
“Thanks to Chuckles
and Giggles and that stupid protest they had. Of course news of it
got out and now we're under pressure.” Daryl told his father.
“Those two little
morons have been a thorn in my side for too long!” Demon growled.
“First they invade MY home, now they've got the government onto us.
Well, never matter. Pleasantville has gotten through things like this
before. We'll just have to keep things relatively clean while they're
doing their little investigation.”
“How about putting
Masters on leave? Both of them?” Daryl asked. “If the
investigators get a hold of them, it could spell trouble.”
“No, that will just
draw attention. We'll just give them light duties. Nothing where they
can get involved in any investigation.” Demon rubbed his chin.
“We'll need to do something about the Mob.”
“They don't want to
get arrested any more than we do.” Daryl pointed out.
“I hope you're right.
They might just decide to act up out of spite.” Demon mused.
“Especially with how unstable Mobster Marion has become.”
“Losing the Lions
Claw Blade twice has unhinged her completely.” Daryl agreed.
“I'm trusting you to
keep an eye on the Mob.” Demon told his son.
“Count on me.”
Daryl grinned.
“Not sure what we're
going to do about the Troupe, and the Crusaders could want revenge at
any moment. DAMN Revolver!” Demon growled as Daryl walked out to
lord over his two associates.
He only hoped that he
could keep things under control until he could have his revenge on
Chuckles and Giggles…and their number one fan, the number one
lawyer in the city, Peter Masters.
The man and his
coworkers stood on the edge of Pleasant Gorge, looking out over the
city of Pleasantville.
“It's time to find
out exactly what's going on in this city, or my name isn't Richard
Dickson!” He said in a high-pitched voice while he narrowed his

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