Chapter Seventy-Five: Apart and Together

“I wonder what Demon will think when he hears about your treachery?” Crusader Mark smirked, wiping the new cut on his cheek.
“You can't do anything. The Mobsters of Misneach have ruled Pleasantville for decades. You belong back in the past.” Sidewinder told him as she reloaded the Mystic Eight Gun.
“That's not what Demon thinks.” Crusader Roger stood up shakily. “Your days are numbered, Mobster.”
“Not if I have anything to do with it.”
Sidewinder spun around. Master Revolver walked over, looking quite pleased.
“Well done Sidewinder. I'll take it from here.” Master Revolver pointed his shotgun at Roger. Sidewinder swallowed hard, before backing off and running away.
“You wouldn't dare.” Roger looked horrified at him.
“Oh wouldn't I just?” Revolver grinned.
It happened quickly. Master Revolver kicked Roger to the ground easily. Roger tried to scramble away, but Revolver stepped on his ankle, ready to make the kill. At the last moment though, Mark shoved his fellow Crusader out of the way, the bullet going straight through his back.
Blood spewed out of Marks mouth. “Run Roge. Get out of here while you still can.”
Another bullet got him through his lower back, going through his stomach. Roger looked equal parts horrified, disgusted and devastated.
“You're the descendant of the original March Hill Crusaders! You have to live! GO!” Mark cried with his dying breath. Roger took his chance and ran as fast as he could as Master Revolver finished Mark off with a shot to the head.
“That will keep Marion happy. Just a shame I didn't get the other one.” Revolver said to himself as Crusader Roger stole a motorcycle and escaped.
Lady Courage ducked as another Ruby Shard whizzed past. She used her baseball bat to destroy another one.
"Stop it! How about you just lay down and DIE already?!" Ruby Daryl roared.
"Why don't you just DIE already, nobody wants you anyway! Unwanted bastard!"
"How about you just give up on your little temper tantrum already?" Lady Courage jumped onto a nearby car and tried to jump high enough to take a swipe at her brother. She missed, and he laughed.
Chuckles woke up with a start.
“Am I still in crazy town?!” He looked around. Sure enough the street was empty.
“Time to die little man!”
Chuckles cried out and dodged as the Haunted Maze Trouper attacked. Steadying the Lucky Seven Gun, he fired at the Trouper, who disappeared into a haze of smoke.
“Wait…this isn't right!” Chuckles cried, throwing the Lucky Seven away.
Chuckles woke up again.
“Black and white? REALLY? You're not doing well if you want me to start questioning reality.” He groaned as the world around him appeared in monochrome colours.
Chuckles woke up yet again, this time in the Council building.
“Hey Chuckles.” Said Peter Masters.
“You're not Peter Masters.” Chuckles said drily, getting up. He ran out of the building and through the empty city, ending up at Pleasant Lake. What on earth was going on?!
“Sink or swim, coward!” The Trouper appeared, shoving Chuckles into the water. He felt like lead. He tried to get out of the water but he kept sinking.
Giggles couldn't escape the vines. They wrapped themselves around her throat, her arms, her legs.
She kept shooting with the Lucky Seven Gun and the Desert Eagle, but finally she dropped them, unable to hold them anymore as the oxygen left her body.
Whiteness. A dark figure in the distance.
I'd never leave you.
Never ever!
Struggling. Trying to break through…
I'd never ignore you. Except when you're annoying.
YOU'RE annoying!
Reaching out…
It doesn't matter though.
Not in the slightest.
Getting closer…
Nothing can get between us!
We won't let it!
Fingertips against fingertips…
We're best friends!
We're always best friends!
And we'll-

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