Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Five: The Second March Hill Massacre

 Crusader Roger had just returned from another successful day of torturing the populace of Fallsville. Not that they had much. He groaned and poured himself yet another whiskey. Running around Fallsville was one thing, but the true prize was Pleasantville. Unfortunately the Haunted Maze Troupe had beaten them to the punch.

That was okay, there was always time to fix that. Having Daryl Jones in the March Hill Crusaders was going to pay off eventually, especially when Demon realised that he'd never get to even meet his only current grandchild. He'd come back for Daryl purely because he was a misogynistic prat.

Speaking of…

“Anyone seen that little berk?” Roger poked his head out of his office.

“He stole your car.” Crusader Alice reminded her boss. “Which is why you ran the hat around town for a new one.”

“Surely he'd be back by now though.” Roger looked annoyed. “It's nearly dinnertime.”

Suddenly Crusader Alex bolted into the hall, terror on his face. “Have you seen the news?! It's all over the telly, they're saying one of us killed Sidewinder!”

“Wait, what?” Roger left his office and walked towards the breakout room where the television was blaring.

“Security footage taken from City Hall shows a man, estimated to be in his early to mid twenties, wearing March Hill Crusaders insignia, who was hiding in the Mayors office, where he sprung out and shot the leader of the Misneach Mobsters sister Sidewinder. Authorities are trying to piece together how the intruder got in. On the ground we have reporters ready…” The host of Pleasantville Nightly News droned on.

All the colour drained from Rogers face. 

“That's Daryl…” Crusader Aiden gulped. “He killed Judith.”

Roger could barely choke down a breath. “She's on her way, isn't she?” He said hoarsely.

No one said anything.

“Marion is on her way here. For revenge.” Roger swallowed hard. “She'll have us all slaughtered.”

“We can hold off the Mob if it comes to a battle, there's no doubt about that. Fallsville is OUR territory.” Alex grinned at Aiden, who smirked back.

“Daryl must've known Marion would come here for vengeance and set her up for a fail.” Aiden said. “Let's get everyone armed!”

“Yes…yes of course…I'll be getting ready in my office.” Roger bolted back to his office and locked the door. He sat at his desk and groaned. Daryl Jones had known Marion would march on Fallsville all right – he'd been counting on using her to kill Roger and get comeuppance for the hard love Roger had been dishing out.

“DAMN!” Roger slammed his desk. That little bastard had outsmarted him. The Crusaders had no chance of fighting off the Mob, not now. If they'd known beforehand then yes, but Marion would now only be minutes away and most of the March Hill Crusaders weren't ready for a battle. 

To prove his point, suddenly he heard the sounds of gunfire and screams of agony from the lower levels of the hideout. Suddenly he heard Alex banging on the door, begging to be let in so they could regroup.

No chance. Roger downed another glassful of whiskey and headed to the safe. No one knew it was a secret passage out of the building. Roger quickly made his exit as Alex finally got the door open.

“Sir, we've got the barricade up, we need you to-,” Alex stopped. He saw the passage. “You're running away?!” Alex cried.

“Yup.” Roger got inside the safe and slammed the door locked behind him.


He yanked at the safe door, but it wouldn't budge. Crusader Roger had truly abandoned them.


“Alex, you were supposed to bring Roger downstairs, now the Mob have overrun us!” Alice ran in screaming. “They killed Aiden!”

Alex wanted to vomit. Aiden, his beloved, was dead, and Alex wouldn't be too far behind. 

“Where IS Roger?!” Alice asked, skittish and scared. “WHERE IS ROGER? HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!”

“He escaped. The rat ran off on us. He forced us into his web and then left us to die!” Alex threw himself against the safe. 

He watched Alices face fall as she realised that she was going to die. She was going to die because Roger had promised to save her father in exchange for her service. She was going to die because Roger lied.

To all of them.

An Emerald Mobster appeared at the door. He shot both Crusaders, sticking around to make sure they died.

“You want Roger?” Alex coughed, blood choking him. “The safe is…he's in…”

And Alex joined Aiden and Alice in death.

Crusader Roger could hear the sound of someone following him. Lots of someones. One of the little weasels must've sold him out. 

He kept running down the long sewer corridor, where the drop from the safe had left him. He did his best to stay quiet, mentally cursing every time he stepped in water. He silently cursed himself for drinking so much whiskey. He silently cursed himself for letting Daryl get through his fingers.

If he somehow survived this, he was going to tear that little berk limb from limb. Slowly.

Roger finally made it to the gate where the sewer met Pleasant Gorge. The rain had stopped, but everything was wet still. He scrambled up the side of the gorge, slipping and cutting his hands on the sharp rocks. Finally, he reached the top. 

He looked around. There was no going back to Fallsville, not now the Crusaders were toast. He couldn't go to Pleasantville either, he'd be killed on sight.


Killing Judith only helped Demon Jones. It lessened the strength of the Mobs influence in City Hall. If he could get to the Haunted Maze Troupe in time, then he could beg for clemency. Life in gaol was better than death.

“Now how'd I know I'd find you up here?”

Crusader Roger froze. Daryl Jones was smirking at him from the hood of his car.

“You traitorous swine…after I took you in!” Roger spat.

“You only kept me around as leverage against my father, let's not get it twisted.” Daryl laughed. “And now Marion is going to slaughter you.”

“You're the one who killed her sister, you're the one she really wants!” Roger barked.

“Prove it.” Daryl grinned. “And make Marion listen to you.”

Roger felt himself sweat. He couldn't think. He shouldn't have drank all that alcohol! Daryl got up off the boot of the car.

“Hope you can think fast. Catch ya in hell.” Daryl shoved Roger, sending the older man tumbling back down the side of the gorge where the Emerald Mobsters were searching for him.

“Ma'am, we've got him!” One of the Mobsters called Marion while two others bound and gagged Roger, who desperately tried to plead his case.

It took ten long minutes for Mobster Marion to show up, riding her gleaming black limousine. She stepped out, holding the Lions Claw Blade in front of her.

Roger desperately tried to spit out the gag and tell her the truth, but he was bound too tightly. Marion smirked, but her eyes were hollow.

“I don't care which one of you did it. I just want all of you gone.” She said softly. “As their leader, you should have kept them under control. Their sins are your sins, and you must bear the weight of their cost.”

Roger squirmed, desperately trying in vain to get past the gag.

Above them, Daryl lit himself a cigarette. 

“She died instantly. I'm glad. I wouldn't want her to have suffered like you're going to do.” Marion steadied the sword in her hand. It still trembled though.

“Now you die.”

Daryl watched as Marion began to dismantle Roger slowly and methodically. It was disgusting and brutal. Rogers' screams echoed through the gorge. 

“Wow. I could learn a thing or two.” Daryl mused to himself. He flicked the butt of his cigarette away. He contemplated a second one, but decided to wait until the fun was over.

Finally, Roger was left on the brink of death. Marion smirked that dead smirk one more time, before turning away.

“Leave it, we have better things to do and it's almost dead anyway.” She called to her Mobsters, all of them scared of Marion.

She walked to the limo, and slid in. “Pleasantville Tip.” Was all she said.

“At once ma'am.” The driver replied. The limo shot off like a rocket back towards Pleasantville. The leftover Mobsters quickly made their way back to Misneach Manor.

Once they were gone, Daryl slid down the embankment to see what was left. Roger lay on the ground, still breathing, still glaring through his gag.

“Oh beauty!” Daryl laughed. “I get to finish you off!”

Roger coughed. He continued to glare at Daryl. The little berk had beaten him. The slimy little scum had actually defeated him.

He didn't get to think much about it, as a kick to the side of the head finished him off. 

“They knew where to look.” Belle said as Charlie fumed over the loss of his sword. “If they didn't the room would've been destroyed.”

They had returned back to the Begly house after being unable to find Daniel, and instead had found the Lions Claw Blade had been stolen.

“It was Dan wasn't it? DARN him!” Charlie slammed a fist on his desk, cracking the wood. “He's replacing that.”

“If you say so.” Belle looked worried.

“The Clause says so.” Charlie sighed. 

Belle touched his arm. “We need to go. We said we'd meet everyone back at the tip.” She squeezed his arm gently. “I'm sorry. I promise you we'll get the Lions Claw Blade back.”

Charlie exhaled loudly. “I know.” He took Belles hand in his and squeezed back. “We'll figure this out.”

Belle looked out the window. The rain had stopped and it was dark outside. The full moon was making its way through the clouds as a cool breeze blew.

Death hung on the air, and Belle knew the pain wasn't over yet.

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