Chapter One Hundred and Ten: Sir Lionheart vs the Knights of the Last Order

Everyone froze as Daniel sat down with the group. “You guys have another one of your Improbable Plans did you?” He asked with a grin.

“Actually Dan…we were talking about you and how worried about you we are.” TJ rubbed the back of his neck.

“You…were…?” Daniel raised his eyebrow.

“We think you should take a break for a while.” Petunia said. “Sunny and Sammy can take over the leadership of the Knights.”

If they thought Dan would be grateful, they were wrong.

“You're kicking me out of the Knights of the Last Order?!” He roared in fury. “What, you don't like my past or something?!”

“No one has EVER said anything about your past!” Sunny fired back.

Charlie looked at Belle, who was watching with interest.

“You've all been on my back since Dingbat died!” Daniel continued to rant. “What, have I become a scapegoat for all of your problems now?!”

“Dan, you've been upset and volatile since the Riots!” TJ said. “We just think some time out would be good for you!”

“We're worried about you!” Tammy added.

Sammy remained silent, looking at the ground.

“I don't need this right now. The KNIGHTS don't need this right now.” Daniel went on the attack. “The Haunted Maze Troupe is running Pleasantville at the moment. The Death Valley Mobsters are falling apart, and who knows when they'll go nuclear and start taking out everything they can. The Crusaders are causing trouble. Please tell me how you're supposed to handle all of that without ME!”

“Dan, it's only temporary!” Sunny pleaded.

“I'm out of here. You do whatever you want.” Daniel got up, turned around and stormed off, seething with anger and guilt. "Just don't come to me when everything fails!"

“Well…well.” Charlie was speechless. Everyone was.

"I guess this means we're in charge now Sammy." Sunny looked at Sammy, who still had his head down.

Sammy didn't say a word. 

Daniel was lying in his little studio apartment, trying to ignore the nagging thoughts that his friends somehow knew about what he'd done.

He hated his room. It was made of unpainted wood with one brick wall that had a tiny window in it. The bathroom had a shower curtain around it, and the door needed to be yanked hard before it would open.

Why had his life turned out so poorly. If he'd just kept to his family destiny and started up the Silent Lake Gang again he could have been living the high life.

“NO. We don't think like that!” Daniel shook himself. “The Silent Lake Gang were CRIMINALS who got off on hurting people. The Knights of the Last Order are different! I'M different!”

He looked out his pathetically tiny window into the little yard that he had. Was he different though, or had he been lying to himself for twenty-four years?

He got up and went to his little kitchen sink. Above the sink was a cupboard, Daniel reached up and took a cup out of it. He filled the cup with water and chugged it down.

There was a knock at the door. Daniel groaned, before going over and yanking the door open.

“You're a world-class sulker, you know that?” Judith Jofrey walked into his apartment.

“I'm not sulking.” Daniel put his cup into the sink.

“Then why aren't you with your friends? You lot are always together.” Judith looked around the apartment, not looking impressed.

“We're not joined at the hip.” Daniel sat back down on his bed.

“I'm not saying you are. I'm saying that you've spent 90% of your time recently away from your closest friends when usually it's the other way around. That usually points to something major changing, and usually for the worse.” Judith sat down next to him. “You've been very agitated as of late.”

“Why is everyone on my case?!” Daniel shot up, angry.

“I'm not on your case, I'm WORRIED about you!” Judith also shot up, starting to get annoyed. “Why are you so insistent on pushing away everyone who cares about you?!”

“I'm NOT!” Daniel snapped.

Judith sighed. She walked over to her boyfriend and hugged him.

Daniel wrapped his arms around her and sighed.

“Dan really had a fit today huh?” Charlie commented as he and Belle walked along the Creek home after another victorious battle against Crusader Daryl (long story short, don't attack a chocolate store. Ever).

“Did you notice he got really agitated about his connections to the Silent Lake Gang and the Dingbat murder?” Belle pointed out.

The Improbability Clause activated, but Charlie didn't say a word. Because there was no way that it could be the case. Daniel wasn't a killer.

“I think he just feels guilty because the Knights of the Last Order were the ones who left Dingbat vulnerable to attack.” Charlie surmised instead.

“That makes sense.” Belle agreed. “Anyway, more importantly, what are we going to do about Haiter?”

“Who knows. Honestly, I kinda feel like Dan. Every time we seem to get a step ahead, someone shoves us ten steps back. It's tiring.” Charlie said, kicking a stone.

“I know. Wanna go on a holiday?” Belle suggested. “We could invite the Knights and let them sort themselves out.”

“No one has time for a holiday Belle. We're not all lawyers at City Hall.” Charlie chuckled, putting his arm around her.

“You try living in the belly of the beast. It's not fun, especially as they still haven't fixed our chandelier.” Belle sighed sadly.

“It's a bloody chandelier!” Charlie groaned as they took the footpath that would take them home.

“It's the PRINCIPLE of the thing Charlie!” Belle shoved him. He shoved her back.

“Sometimes I really have to wonder if those two are dating or not.” One of the neighbours watched the pair as they fought all the way home.

“Mind your business Maud.” Her husband snapped.

The pair made it home alive, only to find Harold and Lady waiting for them.

“Belle, you're coming with us!” Harold thundered, walking towards her.

“No, I'm not.” Belle shoved her grand-father away and walked inside, Charlie giggling behind her.

“BELLE! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!” Lady roared as the door slammed shut.

“Belle, close the door behind you properly please.” Peter said as his daughter flopped on the couch.

“You're not gonna lecture me are you?” Belle asked.

Peter narrowed his eyes at her.

“Yes Dad.” Belle couldn't help but smile.

“Anyway, how was things with the Knights? All good?” Lara asked, putting the finishing touches on a steak Diane.

Belle looked at Charlie. Charlie looked back.

“Oh dear.” Lara sighed.

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