Chapter Ninety-One: The Tempest Starts

“NO.” Giggles
smacked the hand of the Haunted Maze Trouper who was trying to sell a
young man some drug of some description in Pleasantville Park.
“But I NEED it!”
The man begged.
“What you need is a
cold shower and some help. Call this lady, she's brilliant at peer
support.” Giggles handed the man Tammys business card. “Imagine
the savings you can make!”
“Saving for what?”
The man said bitterly.
“Getting out of
Pleasantville for one.” Giggles pointed out.
The man blinked, and
with a scowl he walked away.
Giggles turned to the
Trouper that was now staring blankly at her from behind the purple
baby mask.
“You know what you're
doing is naughty.” She scolded.
The Trouper moved their
head to the side.
“Don't give me that
look.” She continued.
Then the Trouper pulled
out the knife (we all knew that was coming) and took a swing at
Giggles, who dodged easily.
“RUDE!” Giggles
frowned. “Hey, Chuckles, stabby things are your side of the
“Right on!”
Chuckles jumped down from the tree he was sitting in. “I'm not
going to even need the Lions Claw for this!”
“Chuckles, hollow
knife with drugs in it, remember?”Giggles groaned.
Chuckles grinned. He
flew at the Trouper, using an Arm Scythe to knock the knife from
their hand. He then used a well-aimed kick to knock them to the
“Winning!” Chuckles
waved to Giggles, who facepalmed.
Then a gunshot rang
out, and the Trouper was dead. Chuckles and Giggles froze.
Chuckles called out tentatively. Silence.
Giggles walked over to
Chuckles, both the Lucky Seven Gun and the Desert Eagle drawn.
Suddenly the quiet area of the park in the sunset seemed very, VERY
“It's started, hasn't
it?” Chuckles gulped.
“We need to get out
of here.” Giggles said.
Then the sirens and
lights appeared.
“I can't believe
this.” Peter groaned.
“Believe it. Chuckles
and Giggles should think themselves lucky they're not in gaol for
murder.” Judith Jofrey replied.
They were sitting in
Judiths office. It was the day after Chuckles and Giggles escaped
arrest for the death of the Haunted Maze Trouper.
“Especially as the
whole plan was that they got arrested and out of the way.” Judith
continued. “Revolver and Marion want a clear path to take out the
Crusaders and the Troup.”
“Can't you talk to
your sister and get her to see that turning Pleansantville into a
warzone is a bad idea?” Peter asked.
“Her mental state has
been going downhill since Dad died. I don't think anyone can reason
with her anymore.” Judith sighed. “She won't listen to Revolver,
she won't listen to Jones and she won't listen to me. Especially now
I'm dating Daniel.”
“Oh?” Peter raised
an eyebrow.
“She's worried if I
have an heir before her, I'll steal the Misneach assets.” Judith
told him. “Which is stupid, because Dan and I haven't been together
all that long.”

Peter was about to
reply when they heard gunfire outside. They walked to the window.
“Roger NO!” Giggles
cried, shoving Master Revolver out of the way of a gunshot.
“Get out of my way
brats or I'll kill you too!” Crusader Roger aimed again to take out
Master Revolver. “This dog needs to PAY for what he did!”
“We don't necessarily
disagree, we just think there MIGHT be better ways about it!”
Chuckles fought to keep Mobster Marion from entering the fray.
WAY!” Marion roared, bringing her sword down on Chuckles.
“Will you calm your
farm already?!” Chuckles blocked her with the Lions Claw Blade.
“Well…this is a bit
obvious.” Peter folded his arms and watched everything unfold.
“I want to know where
the Haunted Maze Troupe is in all of this.” Judith narrowed her
“You REALLY think
they care about the death of one of their own?” Peter asked.
“I don't think they
CARE, I just think they might want to make a statement so they're not
seen as weak.” Judith replied. “The illusion of power is
important here. That's why Roger set you up. He couldn't be seen as
weak after Mark was killed.”
“But this attack
doesn't make sense.” Peter looked back down. “He's left himself
wide open.”
Suddenly there was an
explosion to the east. Judith looked horrified.
“That BASTARD!” She
“Aah. He was
distracting Marion and Revolver so he could blow up the Misneach
Manor.” Peter said. “It looks like there's going to be
consequences for everyone.”
Chuckles and Giggles
looked at each other as Marion and Revolver ran to their limo to
check the damage to their manor.
The tempest had

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