Chapter Forty-Three: Chuckles Gets An Owchie

The peace lasted for all of a month.
During that time our heroes went swimming, had fishing and camping
trips, played games, went to watch the Brisvegas Leos repeatedly lose
(but always believing they would finally win!), ate food and read so
many books that everyone began to despair of Belle having a social

When it finally ended, it ended with a
“Give it up Revolver!” Giggles
flew alongside the truck that the Death Valley Mobsters were speeding
down the main street in. In front of them was a armoured van full of
priceless jewels. Beside it, Chuckles was speeding along on his
motorcycle, yelling directions at the driver.
Up ahead, Sir Lionheart and Sir
Hedgehog were getting ready to plant roadspikes, while Sir Hyper and
Sir Dark cleared the streets of any innocent bystanders.
“I'm coming with the armoured truck,
be ready with the spikes after we come past!” Chuckles said into
his watch.
“No problemo!” Sir Lionheart turned
to Sir Hedgehog. “Time to roll!”
Sir Hedgehog ran to the other side of
the road. The armoured car sped past, and Sir Lionheart rolled a
line of road spikes out towards Sir Hedgehog.
“Look out! Here comes the DVM!”
Sir Hedgehog yelped.
As expected, the truck ran over the
road spikes and blew all of its tyres, sending it spinning. Giggles
floated in the air, trying not to laugh as the truck stopped right in
front of an adult store.
“Not funny you little pest!” Master
Revolver jumped out of the truck and slammed the door shut.
“You're right, it's freaking
HILARIOUS!” Giggles giggled (oh har har har), until she landed on
her backside, courtesy of the Backpack again.
“You should really get that fixed.”
Master Revolver pointed out.
“It's a work-in-progress.” Giggles
shrugged, getting up and rubbing her sore bottom.
“Anyway, time to sort you out!”
Master Revolver aimed his shotgun at her.
“Rude!” Giggles frowned. She
pulled out the Lucky Seven Gun and aimed it back at him.
“Well this looks entertaining.”
Chuckles walked over casually.
“I wouldn't be so cocky. It's sheer
dumb luck that you lot are alive at the moment.” Master Revolver
“A sword to a gunfight Chuckles?
REALLY?” Giggles shook her head at her best friend.
“At least SOME of us have class.”
Chuckles stalked off. Without warning, Master Revolver turned his gun
on Chuckles and fired, striking him in the shoulder!
“CHUCKLES!” Giggles cried. She
fired the Lucky Seven Gun at Master Revolver, hitting the hand that
had shot Chuckles. As Master Revolver dropped his shotgun and yelled
in pain, Giggles flew over angrily and kicked him fair in the face.
She screamed in rage. “And in the BACK as well you COWARD!”
“Police are coming Giggles, we need
to get outta here!” Sir Hedgehog called to her. Chuckles was being
held up by Lady Courage and Sir Hyper, while Lady Luck was looking at
his shoulder.
Giggles gave Master Revolver one last
kick to the crown jewels before escaping with the others. She was
seething. How could she have let Chuckles get shot?!
Chuckles leapt gingerly into her arms
and she flew back to the tip.
“You okay mate?” Giggles asked as
they soared through the sky.
“He shot me. How rude!” Chuckles
said, affronted.
“We'll get Petunia to look at it when
we get back to base. She'll fix it up no problem.” Giggles
Suddenly, the Backpack gave out again.
THIS WORLD!” Chuckles roared angrily as Giggles managed to
straighten up.
“Sorry.” Was the sheepish reply.
“Aren't you just the cutest?” Lizzy
Begly lifted up baby Madeleine Masters, who squealed with laughter.
“You're smitten.” Izzy laughed as
Lizzy danced around the Begly lounge room with the baby Masters.
“I can't help it.” Lizzy defended
herself. “Isn't that right Madels?
Madeleine hugged Lizzy tightly in
Suddenly, Belle and Charlie burst in,
with Thomas and Betty close behind. Petunia was with them, and
started directing everyone at once.
“What happened?!” Izzy noticed that
Belle was holding a sodden red rag to Charlies shoulder.
“Master Revolver shot Chuckles.”
Thomas told them, pulling a chair from the dining room into the
lounge room so that Petunia could get started on cleaning Charlie up.
“Owch.” Was Charlies contribution
to the chaos.
“How did it happen?!” Izzy cried as
Lizzy went to sit on the couch near her brother.
“Giggles and Master Revolver were
having a stand-off when Revolver turned around and shot Chuckles in
the back.” Petunia said. “Thankfully it only went through his
shoulder, no major organs hit.”
“I'm not a killer Izzy, you know
that.” Belle scowled as Peter Masters ran in.
“Is Charlie okay?” He asked.
“Never better.” Charlie groaned
“Oh good.” Peter took Madeleine off
Lizzy, who was staring daggers at Belle. “Oh dear, we're not going
to have THIS fight again are we?” He sighed.
“We wouldn't be having it if these
two could do their job correctly!” Lizzy scowled.
“It's not OUR JOB thank you, we
happen to do it out of the goodness of our hearts.” Charlie scowled
as Petunia stitched up his shoulder. “OW!”
“Well you should do it properly or
not at all!” Izzy snapped. “You got Grandpa killed-,”
“UPSTAIRS.” Thomas Begly pointed to
the stairs.
“Dad-,” The twins began to protest.
However, one look from their father was enough to have them both
begrudgingly head up the stairs to their room. Betty followed them,
looking harassed.
Not long after, Daniel and Sam burst
“I found the bullet!” Sam grinned,
holding a small bullet in his hand. “I also found the one you shot
Revolver with. Should I give it to him?”
“In his shoulder would be fantastic.”
Charlie quipped dryly, feeling sorry for himself. Petunia had
finished stitching him up and was admiring her handiwork.
“No fighting now for at least a
month.” She said, setting his arm up in a sling.
“Say WHAT now?!” Charlie cried.
“The bullet fractured your shoulder
blade. You're going to need to rest for a long time.” Petunia told
him matter-of-factly.
“I really don't like Master Revolver
right now.” Charlie groaned.
“What's the matter with my girls
today huh?” Hugo Graziano, son of business mogul Great Graziano,
looked bemused at the Begly twins as they all sat together in a
high-end restaurant for lunch the next day.
“Nothing.” Izzy scowled, viciously
ripping a bread roll in half and dipping one of the halves into her
pumpkin soup. Lizzy rolled her eyes.
“We're a bit upset that Chuckles
managed to get shot, personally we think he, Giggles and the Knights
of the Last Order need to step up their game.” She smiled at Hugo.
“You mean those vigilantes?” Hugo
looked amused at Izzy. “I don't know why they don't just mind their
own business.”
“Especially if they're not going to
do their job properly and get themselves shot.” Izzy growled
through a mouthful of bread.
Hugo chuckled. “I didn't have you two
pegged as social justice warriors.”
Lizzy narrowed her eyes at him. “You
do realise we live in a city where we could get mugged at any second
and our legal system wouldn't do a thing about it?”
“Oh come on, you would NEVER get
mugged with me around. I'll protect my girls.” Hugo patted her
cheek. Izzy giggled as Lizzy blushed.
“Have you girls ever thought of
joining the cause yourselves?” Hugo asked as they continued their
“Not really. Like I said, it needs to
be done properly. It's sheer dumb luck that Chuckles and Giggles are
so well-armed, and you've seen what the Knights have got.” Izzy
replied, completely ignoring the fact that the Masters have been
gunslingers for centuries and that the Howzats were brilliant
hand-to-hand combat specialists paired with the Begly swordsmanship
and blacksmithing.
“Fair enough. Although it IS a bit
rich of you to dump on Chuckles and Giggles when you're not prepared
to put yourselves on the line as well." Hugo pointed out.
"Is it rich of someone to
criticize a meal without being a chef?" Lizzy frowned.
"I'm just saying…" Hugo
threw up his hands. "Put yourselves in their shoes."

"You have no idea." Izzy said
bitterly. "You seriously have no idea."

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