Chapter Forty: The Liberation of Pleasantville!


Belle was seething. An innocent young
man was now going to go to gaol for crimes committed by Ruby, thanks
to Mr. Jones. Plus due to her having a little outburst in the court
room, she was now suspended for a month.

“I heard what happened.” Peter
walked with her out of the courthouse. “Don't worry about it too
much, I've had more suspensions than I can count. It just means you
get stuck filing for a month, no big deal.”
“But how can I protect people if I'm
suspended?!” Belle kicked a nearby rock, sending it flying to a
pond and scaring the ducks.
“You'll have to leave it to Giggles
to do.” Peter hugged his daughter.
“It's not fair. I wish -,” Belle
started, when she saw the look her father was giving her.
“If wishes were leaves, the trees
would fall down.” Peter reminded her gently. “Anyway, it's the
Leos versus the Far Coast Canaries tonight, won't that be fun?”
“We're more than likely going to get
flogged Dad.” Belle deadpanned as they got into the car.
“Spoilsport.” Peter laughed as they
drove home.
Alas, she was right. The Leos lost
10.14. 74 to 12.3.75. Bad kicking is bad football!
“Hey Belle – are you serious?!”
Charlie poked his head into Belles window to find her studying again.
“What could you POSSIBLY have to study for NOW?!
“I'm RESEARCHING doofus. Did you
know the last public demonstration in Pleasantville was ninety-three
years ago?” Belle informed her best friend as he leaned on the
window sill.
“And?” Charlie prompted her.
“There were only fifty people who
demonstrated their frustration with the Council at that time. They
were wiped out by the March Hill Crusaders.” Belle sipped her tea.
“The March Hill Crusaders used to be
the ruling power in Pleasantville before the Mobsters of Misneach
overthrew them fifty years ago. It's a very interesting read
actually, it seems that Marion and Revolver aren't the first time the
DVG and the Mob have worked together.” Belle continued to read.
“The Mob had huge opposition from the Silent Lake Gang, who spent
thirteen years struggling for survival against the DVG before
eventually the DVG won out. So really the two-player system has only
been around for forty-seven years.” She looked at Charlie, who was
drooling slightly. “Did ANY of that register?!”
“I know that you were talking, does
that count?” Charlie asked.
Overall I think the Leos got off pretty
lightly comparatively.
“If I have to hear ONE more lecture
on the political history of Pleasantville then I am going to flip.”
Charlie sat down in the kitchen at Bills restaurant.
“Hear hear.” Sam groaned, dipping
his chips into the aioli.
“I think she's trying to get a
protest going.” Sunny told them, trying to feed Melody while
keeping herself clean (and failing at both).
“I don't know why, the last protest
in Pleasantville didn't end so well for the protesters according to
her.” Daniel tried to steal some of Sams aioli for his calamari and
was swiftly rebuffed.
“I think that she thinks we can get
better numbers this time. Plus there's the fact that the town
vigilantes are on her side.” Tammy successfully stole some of the
aioli for her chips.
“If she does then the Knights of the
Last Order are 100% behind her. By the way, where IS she?” TJ also
helped himself to Sams aioli. Sam scowled and gave up.
“I think she nicked off to Brisvegas
for the day.” Charlie checked his watch. “She should be back…”
Suddenly there was a loud tapping on
the kitchen window. Outside, Giggles was floating above the ground,
waving at them.
“…Now?” Charlie looked surprised.
The group headed outside where they were each presented with a large
pile of flyers.
“You went to Brisvegas dressed as
Giggles?” Petunia looked incredulously at Giggles, who nodded.
“I couldn't get these printed here,
you don't know who's on the side of the DVM. Plus if Belle came back
with these, my family would be in trouble. It was best that I just
took the back of the bus there and back and got the printing done
away from Pleasantville. By the way I wouldn't be seen with those
without a uniform on.” Giggles pointed out, making everyone recoil.
“Pleasantville for the Innocent?”
Sunny picked up one of the flyers from her pile. “People Power
Protects our Pleasantville?”
“Work Hard for a Pleasant
Pleasantville?” TJ raised an eyebrow at Giggles, who shrugged.
“Hey, I had to come up with these all
by myself, YOU guys weren't helping!” She defended herself.
“I love this picture of Sir Hyper.
Makes me look tough!” Sam grinned at another one of the posters.
“You made me look like a wuss!”
Daniel cried as a picture of Sir Lionheart holding a puppy appeared
on a poster.
“I'm TRYING to make us look good and
drum up support. Now, disguises on and let's get handing these out!”
Giggles flew off with her pile of flyers, eager to start work against
the corruption of Pleasantville.
“Was my niece just out here?” Bill
walked out with a tea-towel over his shoulder.
“Look at what she's been up to!”
Sunny waved a flyer in Bills face.
He sighed.
“I admire her tenacity, but one rally
isn't going to save Pleasantville.” He warned.
“We have to do something.” Petunia
piped up.
“I agree! Let's go guys!” Daniel
raced to grab his pack which held his Sir Lionheart armour.
The revolution had begun!
“I don't want any more junk mail!”
“You're breaking the law yourselves!
Turn yourselves in and I'll think about it!”
“Go away, I have things to do!”
“Well, this is working out fine.”
Lady Courage frowned, most of her fliers still in her hands. “No
one wants a bar of us!”
“We have to keep trying, it IS for
our city after all.” Sir Dark pointed out.
“Plus if we don't Giggles will eat us
alive.” Sir Hyper pointed to the sky as Giggles flew overhead,
showering them with flyers.
“Stand up for a better
Pleasantville!!” She yelled loudly.
“She's starting to get annoying.”
Sir Dark admitted as the others groaned.
A tall blonde figure wearing a fur cape
and a royal blue dress with a sword hanging from her waist walked
over. “Please tell me you guys have nothing to do with this!”
Mobster Marion shoved a flyer in their faces.
“Giggles rail-roaded us into it.”
Sir Hyper admitted.
Mobster Marion snorted. “Should have
told her to quit before she embarrassed herself, there's no way she's
going to change anything – especially not with this trash.”
“By the way is that a new dress?”
Lady Luck asked.
“Yes it is.” Mobster Marion did a
quick twirl. “What do you think?”
“It'd probably look better on the
person you stole it off.” Sir Dark snorted.
Mobster Marion scowled at him and
stormed off. Giggles floated overhead, watching Mobster Marion like
a hawk.
“What was that all about?” She
asked the Knights.
“Marion thinks your campaign is a
great idea, and she really hopes you can make a difference.” Sir
Dark deadpanned. Giggles glared at him.
“You have to admit Giggles, we're
fighting a losing battle.” Lady Courage pointed out.
“We can't just give up!” Giggles
cried. “I've already tried that and it didn't exactly work!”
“Well, what can we do if no one wants
to listen to us?!” Sir Hyper protested. “Face it Giggles, if no
one wants to change, then no one can make them!”
“We just have to make them see reason
is all.” Giggles tried to calm her friends down.
Just then, Lady Silent, Sir Hedgehog,
Sir Lionheart and Chuckles ran over.
“You guys not having any luck
either?” Sir Lionheart sighed.
“Nope. I'm ready to go home!” Sir
Hyper began to pout.
“But we can't give up now!” Sir
Hedgehog cried.
“Not you too.” Sir Dark rolled his
“All we need is to demonstrate to the
people how bad the situation really is. That would really help our
cause.” Chuckles mused.
“Yeah, like Marion is REALLY going to
commit a crime right in front of us just so we can use it for our
political gain.” Giggles groaned.
Wouldn't you know it, at just that
moment a young boy with a awesome-looking model helicopter ran past
Mobster Marion, who looked greedily at the helicopter. In one swift
movement, she grabbed the toy and shoved the poor boy into the path
of an oncoming road train!
“Oh NO!” Cried Lady Luck as
Giggles flew as fast as she could towards the now crying child. With
barely a second to spare she whisked the young boy out of harms way
and deposited him on the footpath, unharmed.
Chuckles scowled at Mobster Marion and
snatched the helicopter back. “Not yours.” He snapped at her.
He then walked over to Giggles and the child and handed the toy back.
“You'll be okay. You head straight
home you hear me?” Chuckles warned the child.
“Yessir. Thank you!” The boy
looked up gratefully at his rescuers before running away home.
A small crowd of people had seen the
event, and were now looking curiously at Giggles.
“This is what is happening to the
innocent people of our city. This is NOT what Simon Masters and
Louis Begly had in mind when they built the Pleasant Dam!” Giggles
flew up into the air, yelling loudly. “They didn't envisage their
fellow man beaten to the ground, they didn't see innocent people
killed in the name of profit! And we, the people, have allowed this
to happen! No more I say!”

A small murmur of agreement went
through the crowd like a wave. More people were coming to listen to
People were starting to cheer, and the
crowd was getting bigger and bigger.
masses to the Council building.
“I'm certain she's ripped that from
somewhere.” Sir Hedgehog raised an eyebrow.

“Whatever, it's gotten the people
behind us! Let's go!” Sir Lionheart cheered, and they all followed
the crowd to the Council building.

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