Chapter Eighty-Seven: Chuckles and Giggles vs the Presidents Entrusted National Intelligence Service

“Belle, you're driving like a maniac, calm down!” Charlie tried to stop Belle from getting the both of them killed on the Warry-Go Highway.
“I have to get back! What if they do something to my Dad?!” Belle cried.
Peter put his phone down. “Bloody hell. I have to go into the office, Scavie wants a file sent that can't wait until tomorrow.”
“I'LL GO WITH YOU!” Everyone one of the Noble Knights of the Last Order cried.
“Guys…I don't need a guard. I've been fine up until now, and I will continue to be fine.” Peter picked up his car keys. “Someone's used these to open something.” He wiped something off the key that looked suspiciously off.
“Pete, you STOLE GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, furthermore that property WAS A TOP SECRET WEAPON.” Sunny cried. “They're going to be after you!”
“If anything, it's Lara who's in danger, you should be protecting her!” Peter shot back. “She's the government employee!”
“Look, here's how it's gonna happen.” Daniel held up his hands for calm. “I'm going with Peter. If all of us go, it's too conspicuous. Sunny, you, Petunia and TJ are staying here with Lara. The twins are gonna go patrol.”
“Only two of us on patrol?” Sammy asked.
“I reckon it will be the last calm patrol before the fallout begins.” Peter told them. “Demon is going to be furious at the Masters clan, plus at the Haunted Maze Troupe for causing trouble while the Presidents Entrusted National Intelligence Service was here. The Mobsters are gonna be frothing at the bit to cause trouble again. Once Chuckles and Giggles get back, it's gonna be on for young and old.”
“Oath.” Sammy looked at Tammy, who nodded at him. Both of them headed to the tip to suit up and ship out.
“Don't you think I should come with you to protect Peter? Three of us here is a bit overkill.” TJ pointed out to Daniel.
“We'll be fine, we're just going to get a file.” Peter stood at the front door. “Can we go now?”
Daniel and TJ shared a worried look.
“BELLE THERE IS ALREADY SOMEONE IN THAT LANE! BELLE SLOW DOWN!” Charlie screamed in terror as Belle took the exit towards the Wastelands where Pleasantville sat.
“No time! We're still half an hour away!” Belle said, pedal to the metal as she swerved past a family in a station wagon.
“I can't believe I agreed to this.” Peter grumbled as Thomas drove him and Sir Lionheart to the Council Building.
“Well, you didn't want a full security detail, so we brought the Improbability Clause with us instead.” Sir Lionheart told him.
“Swell.” Peter groaned.
“Cheer up Petey. This'll be quick, there'll be no need for the Clause.” Thomas grinned.
They pulled into the carpark and headed into the building.
“See? Simple.” Thomas said as Peter went through the filing cabinet to get the file he needed to send.
“I know that, and you know that, but the Knights seem to think otherwise.” Peter walked to his desk to get an envelope out. “Security let us in no problem, it's quiet and no one is getting on my nerves.”
That's when watched his best friends face fall.
“Sir Lionheart?” Peter called out. Silence. “LIONHEART?” He tried again. “Darn it Tom, you told me no Clause!”
“We have to go and find him, he could be in – LOOK OUT!” Thomas cried as Richard Dickson threw the Hedgehogs Quill Dagger at Peter from the shadows!
“Don't worry about the Knight, Testy and Ball took care of him quite quickly.” Dickson smirked as the knife landed in the wall next to Peters head.
“Maybe I SHOULD have had a full security detail.” Peter gulped.
The door to the office opened, and Testy and Ball walked through. Ball had Sir Lionheart over his shoulder.
“Perfect, we'll unmask him when we get back to base and get all the details we need from him.” Dickson said before aiming the Speedy Two at Peter. “Once we know who Chuckles and Giggles are, we can sort things out in Pleasantville.”
“You faked being bad with those weapons to get us to lower our guard. You're more competent than we thought.” Thomas growled.
“A simple ruse, but so very, very effective.” Dickson smirked. “Now Mr. Masters, to deal with you.”
“PETE NO!” Thomas rushed to defend his best friend. Dickson fired, narrowly missing both men with the first bullet.
“You make this too easy.” Dickson fired again.
If Giggles hadn't jumped through the window at that moment, knocking over Dickson, the bullet would have struck Peter Masters down where he stood.
Instead, it hit Thomas Begly close to his throat.
“TOMMY!” Peter cried, rushing to his best friend side.
“Gentlemen, deal.” Dickson got ready to finish the job while Testy and Ball took care of Giggles.
“Not so fast!”
Dickson was sent flying by a punch from Chuckles, which cut open Dicksons face with an Arm Scythe.
“Darn it, there's three of them, and according to Daryl, two of them have in-built Carbon Power!” Giggles groaned.
“Well, you have in-built immunity!” Chuckles shoved her towards Testy and Ball, while he went after Dickson. Dickson growled and pulled with his hand. The Hedgehogs Quill, which was attached to a thin string, came back to him and he used to to block another offensive. Unfortunately for him, Chuckles was relentless, leaving him unable to reload the Speedy Two.
Sure enough, when Ball threw his Amethyst Blast at Giggles, she was able to dissipate it easily. With the Lucky Seven Gun, she was able to keep the pair away from the battling Dickson and Chuckles.
“Fall back!” Dickson regrouped with Testy and Ball, who were happy to get away from Giggles and her guns.
“Get out of Pleasantville and don't you EVER come back!” Giggles warned.
Dickson glared at her for what seemed like a long time. Finally, he turned around and walked out of the room.
“You're gonna just walk off?!” Testy asked incredulously.
“Fall back.” Dickson growled.
The two men followed him out of the room, and out of Pleasantville. Both of them shot parting filthy looks at Chuckles and Giggles, who weren't particularly bothered.
Chuckles ran to his father.
“Dad?!” He looked at his fathers lifeless body.
“I…I…couldn't stop the blood…he…was…my…best…friend…” Peter could barely speak.
Chuckles understood. He'd been here before.
He covered his face as Giggles came over and took his arm. She looked at him quizzically.
“Are you…laughing?” She said quietly to him.
Suddenly Thomas lurched forward with a roar, scaring Peter and Giggles.
I did say it was CLOSE to the throat. Probably more near the shoulder. Peter refused to talk to him for three weeks.

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