Chapter Eighty-Nine: The Worst Kidnapping Ever

“We need to stay calm
and figure out a plan.” Thomas said.
“STAY CALM?!” Peter
“Chill out Pete!”
Thomas tried to calm his friend down, nearly getting his head taken
off for it.
“Peter!” Lara tried
to pull her husband back into his seat.
They were sitting in
the Begly lounge room, still trying to process what had happened.
Charlie was dead silent. His best friend was gone.
“TJ is trying the
best he can at work without being found out, but I think we can
narrow it down to three main suspects.” Petunia paced up and down
behind the couch.
“That doesn't help,
no one knows where the Haunted Maze Troupe hide out, and by the time
any of us got to Fallsville Beauty could be…be…” Peter began to
Charlie shook his head
and walked outside. There was no way Belle was dead. It was
impossible. If she was gone, then so was the Improbability Clause. If
the Improbability Clause was gone, then there was no Chuckles.
Charlie sat next to the
tree. There was no choice. He HAD to save his best friend!
He jumped up.
Then he remembered that
he had no clue on how to do it, and the one person who could have
helped him was the one he was trying to save.
He sat back down,
feeling defeated.
Then he jumped back up
again. There were multiple Masters that he could get to help him!
Peter was too distraught, and Madeleine was too young, but there was
still Bill!
He bolted inside to get
his Chuckles gear.
“What are you doing?”
Thomas asked as Charlie sped past.
“I'm gonna get Bill
to help me with the Improbability Clause and get Belle back! I just
need my Chuckles uniform!” Charlie replied.
“Hold it.” Peter
and Thomas said.
Charlie stopped.
“What's going to
happen when whomever kidnapped Belle sees that Giggles is also
missing?” Peter pointed out.
“You can't go as
Chuckles. You have to be careful.” Thomas added.
The pair gave each
other some serious side-eye as Charlie slumped.
He bolted up to his
room and flopped onto his bed with all the drama that his devastation
would allow him.
Next morning, things
looked even bleaker.
“She really is gone.”
Peter looked at his breakfast, unable to touch it.
Lara uncomfortably
served Oscar and Madeleine their breakfasts. She couldn't help but
feel like this whole mess was her fault, and that the Masters family
would have been better off not knowing her.
Meanwhile, Charlie had
awoken with a sense of duty, of purpose, and of well-meaning but
misguided determination.
“I WILL find Belle!”
He jumped out of bed and got dressed. He bolted out of the house
(grabbing some toast on the way) and rushed to Bills Restaurant. If
he was going to find Belle, he needed the Improbability Clause. To
use the Clause, he needed a Masters.
“Hi Bill!” Charlie
burst through the back door of the restaurant.
“Why are YOU so
perky?” Bill snapped, pouring himself a coffee.
“We're gonna find
Belle!” Charlie announced.
Bill looked at the
young man for a long time. “I don't know whether to pat you on the
head or shake my head at you.” He sighed and looked up at the young
man. “I'll probably shake my head though since you're now taller
than me.”
“I need a Masters to
use the Improbability Clause.” Charlie told him.
“And why do you need
the Improbability Clause?” Bill asked.
“To find my best
friend.” Charlie pointed out.
“How about no?”
Bill started getting the kitchen organised.
“And why not?”
Charlie looked offended.
“Because unlike my
brother and my niece, I'm not a complete brainiac know-it-all.”
Bill pulled on his apron. He stopped.
Charlie was grinning
from ear to ear.
“Oh no.” Bill
“Thanks Bill!”
Charlie bolted from the restaurant.
“Oh lordy…” Bill
groaned again.
“Charlie, what are
you doing?! Why aren't you helping us search for Belle?” Lady Luck
cried into her phone.
“Because she's fine.”
Charlie replied, sipping on some iced tea.
“Tell him he's a
jerk!” He heard Lady Courage in the background.
“Lady Courage says
you're a jerk. How can you be so relaxed?!” Petunia cried.
“I think he's finally
snapped!” Thomas said.
“Dad says he thinks I
finally snapped.” Charlie repeated.
Suddenly, Mobster
Marions limo pulled up. The door was kicked open and out flew Belle!
“Take her!” Marion
cried, slamming the door. The limo sped off.
Peter and Thomas looked
at each other, shocked.
“Nicely done Belle!”
Charlie got up and helped Belle to her feet.
“Explain?” Peter
hugged his daughter.
“Belle never shuts
up.” Charlie grinned.
Belle broke out of her
fathers arms and proceeded to chase Charlie up the tree.
“You guys heard that,
right?” Thomas picked up Charlies phone.
“I give up.” Lady
Luck hung up.
“I heard a few things
while I was kidnapped.” Belle said as the group sat at the tip
later on.
“Between lectures you
mean.” Charlie grinned.
“Demon is beyond
furious. That's why I was taken. He blames Dad for all of this.”
Belle ignored him. “He's also kicked Daryl out.”
Sunny started laughing.
“That could be
dangerous if Daryl decides to do his own thing.” Daniel frowned at
“Daryl doesn't do
anything he hasn't been told to do first. He's a follower, and if he
can find someone who will let him do what he likes, only then will he
be a threat. Until then, he's going to lay low.” Sunny told them.
“Daryl Jones is no longer a threat.”
“Everyone is busy
regrouping right now. It's a race to see who can get their bearings
first.” Belle told them.
“Thankfully we seem
to be prepared.” TJ breathed a sigh of relief.
“I hope you're
right.” Daniel frowned.

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