Chapter Eighty-Five: Ruby vs Presidents Entrusted National Intelligence Service

“Look, I know that Ruby beat you up, but didn't Sidewinder come and help you out in the end anyway?” Charlie tried to calm Daniel down over the phone. “Yes, I KNOW your new tattoo nearly got ruined, but it didn't, so it's all…Dan, please, we're doing our best here!” He held the phone away from his ear as Daniel went on a very loud, very unpublishable tirade. “Mate, seriously! We'll be home as soon as we can. Okay, 'bye!” He quickly hung up the phone before Daniel could start raving and ranting again.
“Of course it just HAD to happen while we were at the Leos game.” Belle sighed. “Although it's nice that the Leos are starting to win again.”
“It is, it is.” Charlie agreed. “Webster should be back soon, hopefully he can get us what we need.”
“Fingers crossed.” Belle lay back on her bed. “Do you ever wonder if our ancestors ever saw this happening when they first dammed up Pleasant Lake?”
“How could they have?” Charlie asked.
“Well, that stupid Improbability Clause for one thing.” Belle said slyly.
It took three hours before Charlie would talk to her again.
Richard Dickson walked slowly through the streets of Pleasantville under the cover of the moonless night. Behind him were Testy and Ball, sticking close together.
“I can't BELIEVE we got stuck with this.” Testy ejaculated. “I bet they're all back at base having a good laugh at us.”
“They're laughing at YOU.” Ball grabbed him tightly. “Now shut up, this is a stealth mission.”
“We haven't arrived YET Mr. Ball, you can relax.” Dickson chuckled. “Now come on, faster!”
They were headed towards the Mayors mansion.
“What have you got for us?” Belle and Charlie dragged Webster into the hotel room that night when he finally arrived with news.
“Two communications. One made just after the protest, one made a month ago.” Webster handed the pair a folder.
The first one was simple:
“I'm sure you've seen the latest from Pleasantville. Now would be a good time to make good on our deal. Much love!”
The second one was a bit more threatening.
“The Mayor and his son only have power due to the machinations of the Death Valley Gang and the Mobsters of Misneach, plus that Ruby Suit. I suggest you do something about this. Now.”
“Both of them sound like Dad.” Belle scanned the two communications carefully. Charlie blinked.
“Oh…oh no…I know what Dickson is after.” He gulped.
Ruby Daryl was about to go out and terrorize the local school disco, when he heard someone behind him.
He stopped in the middle of the school oval. He saw three figures walking towards him. He flicked his hand, releasing a Ruby Shard, which he threw at the approaching figures.
One of the figures laughed and brushed the Shard out of the air! Ruby stepped back, shocked.
“Didn't expect THAT did ya, brat?” Testy snickered. He then formed his own Shard, a deep blue one, and threw it at Ruby, who flew up into the air out of the way.
“Looks like this is your show, I can't fly.” Ball grinned at Testy.
“With pleasure.” Testy suddenly launched himself into the air and chased after Ruby! Ruby began to freak out. The closest anyone had come to being his equal before was Giggles, and that was only because of her immunity to the Ruby Power. Now, these two appeared, and they seemed to be able to use that power without a suit?!
Ruby formed Ruby Blasts in two hands, and fired them at both Testy and Ball.
Ball chuckled, before grabbing the Blast and crushing it. He then returned his own purple Blast! Testy just swatted his away.
Ruby put up a Ruby shield, but it wasn't enough to absorb the power of the Amethyst Blast. He went flying, barely stopping himself from hitting the ground hard. Testy followed after him, firing another Sapphire Shard. Ruby tried a Ruby Shield again, but the Sapphire Shard pierced it easily, soaring into Rubys shoulder!
Ruby began to scream in agony as the Ruby and Sapphire power began to flood his body.
“Perfect. Now to extract it.” Dickson grinned. Ball and Testy walked over and began to strip Daryl of his prized Suit.
From the light that the Ruby Suit was emitting Daryl could see that the two men were wearing grey shirts with “Project 42” on the sleeve. They ungraciously ripped the Suit from the young man, causing him even more agony.
“Mission completed. Let's get out of here.” Dickson waved the two men back to him.
“About time. I'm never gonna live down the code name “Testy”!” Testy groaned as the trio walked back to their lodgings, ready to leave Pleasantville forever.
“You guys are NEVER going to believe what happened!” Sunny looked almost gleeful as she and Melody walked into Bills restaurant.
“You won lotto?” Tammy looked hopeful.
“Alas, no.” Sunny sat down with Melody squirming into her lap.
“You bought a house!” Sammy guessed.
“Wait, what? NO, I already have a house!” Sunny rolled her eyes.
“You're pregnant again!” Petunia looked thrilled.
“NO!” Sunny was getting annoyed.
“You got a job?” TJ asked.
“WILL YOU LOT LISTEN?!” Sunny roared.
“Thank you. Now, some Mobsters found Daryl butt-naked and passed out at the high school – apparently Dickson stole the Ruby Suit off him!” Sunny told them. “We're free of that tyrant!”
The cheers startled passersby.

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