Chapter Eight: Sunny vs Giggles

The rest of the camp flew by in a blur
of fun. Although enjoying themselves as much as possible, the seven friends made sure to keep an eye out for Sunny, who seemed to be in a
constant state of fury. Even Daryl was wary of his sister!

Soon, it was time to go home, much to
the sadness of everyone. The seven friends were lucky enough to
snaffle the back of one of the buses, where they could talk easily.
“My last time at school camp.”
Daniel sighed.
“And we only have one more left.”
Belle turned to Charlie, who sighed too.
“We have loads more left!” Sammy
grinned cheekily.
“Yeah, but you have more years left
of being bossed around.” TJ poked the younger boys forehead.
“Oww!” Sammy rubbed his head.
“So, have you two decided what you're
going to do about Marion and Revolver? Dingbat is on warden duty in
a month.” TJ mentioned, turning to Belle and Charlie.
“Put him back in gaol?” Charlie
“Easier said than done. We're just
going to end up having to put him back every single time he escapes.”
Belle groaned.
“It'll be fun!”
“It'll be dangerous.”
“Shush you lot! I'm TRYING to catch
a nap here!” Petunia frowned at them. Tammy shot them all a dirty
look. She had been about to doze off too.
Belle looked out of the window. Her
thoughts turned to Sunny. After everything that had happened between
them, why did she suddenly feel the urge to protect her long-time nemesis?
That night the friends had dinner at
Belles place. Everyone loved Bills cooking, and Joes stories made
the night all the more interesting.
“Big game on tonight too between the
Leos and the Mynahs.” Daniel grinned at Charlie as they cleaned up
their steaks. The Collymoddle Mynahs were one of the most despised
teams in the competition, and unfortunately also one of the best.
“It'll be fine. With Jackson Blue,
Louis Tiger and Joe Patrick in red-hot form, we'll whomp them.”
Peter piped up.
“Don't forget Tony Rockcrusher.”
Sammy added.
Belle was excited. It was the first
time she had ever had so many friends over. The house was filled
with laughter and fun, and she was so happy that she finally had so
many people she could hang out with.
Finishing up her dinner, Belle took her
plate to the sink to rinse it off for her uncle. She looked out the
In the opposite window, Sunny was busy
scrubbing dishes. She looked lonely and sad, and Belle almost felt
bad for her. She WAS lucky compared to Sunny – while she had to do
chores as well, her father, uncle and grandfather helped her and each
other where ever they could.
Sunny looked up and scowled, drawing
the curtain across the window. Belle frowned and shook off whatever
pity she had for the bully before heading back to hang out with the
rest of the crew. They had gotten out the board games, and were
having a blast.
Charlie was about to roll the dice for
his next turn, when a bump and some laughter was heard from next
door. It was pretty much ignored, they were used to it, but Belle
couldn't let it go. What was happening in that household? Was Sunny
“You're distressed Beauty. Are you
holding something back?” Peter asked as he took his turn.
“No…yes…kinda.” Belle looked
towards the kitchen.
“Are you worried about Sunny?”
Sammy asked.
“She was mean to us Belle, don't
worry about her.” TJ said bluntly, annoyed that Peter had just
taken the lead off him.
Charlie looked at Belle. “It's
against the Code for a Masters to just let things go. They don't
ever hold back.”
“What about Sunny?” Joe asked. The
children told him about what had happened at camp between them. Joe
sat back and looked thoughtful.
“You're right to be concerned little
one.” He finally said to Belle. “No one should have to live like
that. It probably explains why she was so mean to you.”
“Because she hates me.” Belle
“She probably likes you very much.”
Joe corrected kindly. “But she's jealous – very, very jealous.
You have everything that she's craved all her life.”
“That's no excuse for being mean to
us!” Charlie yelped.
“No, but it's part of the reason.
It's very complicated.” Joe leaned forward. “It explains a lot
of why the pair of them are the way they are. Daryl has always been
spoilt, and Sunny has always been second fiddle to him. I'd love to
throttle Jones if I wasn't a civilised man.”
“So what can we do?” Belle asked.
“You can't. No one can do anything.
He's not exactly abusing her is he?” Petunia said slowly.
Tammy looked deep in thought. Then she
jumped up and tapped her watch.
“The Knights of the Last Order? What
could they do?” Daniel asked.
“Count me out.” TJ said.
“Me too.” Sammy agreed. “She was
too mean to us.”
“Chuckles and Giggles will go.”
Charlie stood up.
“Are you sure the situation even
calls for that sort of force?” Belle rolled her eyes.
Sure enough, a cry of pain came from
next door. Sunny's voice.
“Seriously?!” Belle got up and
followed Charlie upstairs, where they got into their Chuckles and
Giggles attire. The pair then snuck next door and peered in a
“Daryl!” Sunny cried, trying to get
her doll back.
“Go and clean the toilet first!”
Daryl laughed, holding up the doll above her head. It was a
beautiful male doll, wearing a neat tuxedo and with a porcelain face.
“I DID clean it!” Sunny tried. To
Giggles, Sunny looked sad and tired, nothing like the fiery bully she
“Not good enough! Do it again!”
Daryl commanded.
Sunny spared a glance through an
archway to her parents, who were in the other room watching
television. “Daryl please, don't hurt Ramjet.” She begged.
“Wonder what would happen if I
smashed its face on the tiles.” Daryl mocked.
He threw the doll to the ground. Just
before it hit the hard tiles, it was caught be a speeding Giggles!
“What the hell?!” Daryl cried. He
moved to attack Giggles, but was stopped by the appearance of the
Lions Claw Blade in his path.
“DAD!” He yelled, terrified of the
combined might of Chuckles and Giggles.
Mr. Jones ran in. He prided himself on
being a law-abiding, straight-edge man of the highest
standard, and to see that two of the towns vigilantes were in his
house greatly disturbed him.
“What is going on here?” He
“Why is Daryl picking on Sunny?”
Giggles asked.
“And why aren't you doing anything
about it?” Chuckles added.
“I don't see how it's any business of
yours how I raise my children. I request that you leave my house at
once. You are trespassing on private property.” Mr. Jones glared
at the pair of them.
Giggles handed Sunny her doll back.
“You deserve better than this. Everyone does.”
She turned to Mr. Jones and Daryl.
“You two should be ashamed of yourselves. Sunny's a human being
too, no matter the circumstances of her birth.”
“You have no right sticking your
noses into business that doesn't concern you.” Mr. Jones warned.
“I'm surprised you two haven't been arrested yet.” He stepped
towards them.
“Get out and stay out. And learn to
mind your own business, no one asked you to come in and martyr
The pair left, both shaken by what had
They got back home and changed back to
their civilian clothes, then headed downstairs as the football game
was starting.
“How did it go?” Bill asked as the
pair sat down.
“We didn't change a thing.” Belle
hugged her knees. “We couldn't save Sunny.”
“Don't be so sure. These things take
time little one.” Joe put a reassuring hand on her head.
For interests sake, the Leos won 25.2
(152) to 1.19 (25) that night.
The next day, the friends headed to the
tip to hang out and train a little bit.
“Hi-YAH!” Sir Hyper swung his
nun chucks haphazardly at Sir Dark, who rolled out of the way and
counterattacked. Both were laughing.
“This is training?” Giggles asked
Sir Lionheart.
“Yup! So what if it isn't the
super-training you and Chuckles have had, at least we're having fun.”
Sir Lionheart said defensively.
“You really need to be more careful.”
Lady Luck was bandaging up Chuckles, who had fallen from a pile of
old TV sets laughing at the “training”.
“My bad.” Chuckles was still
Lady Silent had one eye on the monitors
and another on her brother being silly with his best friends. She
looked towards the monitors again, not expecting to see much (crime
in Pleasantville usually took Saturdays off). She gasped.
Sunny Jones was headed right towards
Lady Silent bolted out of the den and
raced towards Sir Lionheart. She grabbed his arm, jumping up and
down like mad.
“What is it Tammy?” He asked.
“So, this is where you lot hide out.
I'd heard rumours.”
It was too late. Sunny Jones had made
it to the den where the heroes were hiding out!
“Sunny.” Giggles said.
“Cut the rubbish.” Sunny snapped.
“I know it's you Masters.”
Everyone froze.
“And I know your little friends are
the Knights of the Last Order too.” Sunny continued. “So take
off the masks and let me fight you face-to-face!”
“Why do you want to fight us for when
all we did was try to help you?!” Lady Luck roared furiously.
“Do you know how much trouble I'm
in!? My parents aren't talking to me at the moment because YOU
couldn't keep your stupid nose out of it!” Sunny fired back. “Your
disgusting holier-than-thou attitude is beyond a joke!”
“Hold your tongue!” Sir Lionheart
stepped forward. “We have been trying to do the right thing!”
“And that gives you the right to
interfere in things that never concerned you?” Sunny fumed.
“You're being abused you stupid brat,
can't you see that?!” Sir Dark yelped.
“Everything was fine before you
stepped in!” Sunny was furious. Inside her felt like molten lava,
she was hurt, jealous, angry, upset and alone.
“Get out and leave us alone.”
Chuckles stepped forward. Sunny scoffed.
“I know all of your identities. If I
went to the police right now, you'd all be screwed.” She smirked.
She flinched as the Lions Claw Blade
was pointed at her, inches from her chin.
Giggles stepped forward, putting an arm
across Chuckles chest.
“No Chuckles. Let me handle this.”
She said calmly. She thought of what her grandfather said about
things taking time. The wounds Sunny had endured wouldn't heal
instantly. Until they did, she needed help. Fighting with her
wasn't going to help anything.
“Sunny, we're sorry we caused you so
much trouble.” She said.
Sunny stepped back. An apology?!
“We never intended to make things
worse for you, we just wanted to help.”
“You condescending bitch!” Sunny
screamed in fury. She flew at Giggles, who shot up into the sky and
over Sunny, landing behind her.
Sunny spun around quickly and grabbed
Giggles, trying to hit her. Giggles grabbed Sunny back and flew them
both into the air. She let Sunny go and kicked her into a nearby
pile of mouldy old mattresses.
Sunny finally landed on the ground with
a soft “thud” and lay on the ground crying. Lady Luck bolted to
her side to try and fix her up. Sunny submitted weakly, too tired to
carry on.
“You'll be okay Sunny.” Giggles
landed in front of them. She took off her helmet. “We'll be your
friends and look out for you.”
Sunny looked up at Belle, before
nodding weakly.
She had nothing else left.

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