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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three: Are we family?

Sammy, Tammy, Sunny and TJ were intensely watching the little screen in front of Sammy.Well, at l…

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two: What We Do For Family

The Knights of the Last Order and Chuckles stood completely terrified against Marion, who was loo…

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One: The Attempt

 “What is going on at the hospital?!” Belle whined under her breath as she filled out the fo…

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty: The Veil of Uncertainty

“Are you guys SURE you want me to do this? I still think you should give Charlie a chance.” Peter…

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Chuckles and Giggles – Chapter Twenty-Two

Wait, wasn’t there just a natural disaster?! How did everyone just forget about it so quickly?! O…

Chuckles and Giggles – Chapter Twenty-One

Natural disasters can sometimes bring out the absolute worst in people. Sometimes they just make …

Chuckles and Giggles – Chapter Twenty

You really learn about people after a disaster, don’t you? Read at where …

Chuckles and Giggles – Chapter Nineteen

…Well, I guess things did get worse…oops. Read the story at and downl…
Chuckles and Giggles is a poorly constructed mess full of plotholes and inconsistency.
Peter Masters
Chuckles and Giggles is a total disaster. Avoid at all costs!
Why couldn’t I have been born into the Twilight franchise?
“Ruby” Daryl Jones

About the Writer

Chuckles and Giggles is the brain-child of wanna-be writer Kezzstar24. They started the idea in 2008-2009, before shelving the idea in 2010. In 2014, they couldn’t help but return to the series. That’s when they met Thien Uncage (formerly Ginc Dmon) who became the official artist of the series.

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