Chuckles and Giggles!

Charlie and Belle are best friends, and they’re also the crime-fighting duo Chuckles and Giggles! Join them and their friends the Noble Knights of the Last Order as they fight against crime in Pleasantville!


The Story

“Chuckles and Giggles is a poorly constructed mess full of plotholes and inconsistency.” -Peter Masters

Discord Server

“Chuckles and Giggles is a total disaster. Avoid at all costs!” – Sammy

The Comic

“Why couldn’t I have been born into the Twilight franchise?” – “Ruby” Daryl Jones


About the writer:

Chuckles and Giggles is the brain-child of wanna-be writer Kezzstar24. She started the idea in 2008-2009, before shelving the idea in 2010. In 2014, she couldn’t help but return to the series. That’s when she met Thien Uncage (formerly Ginc Dmon) who became the official artist of the series.